back to article Intel and AMD begin server war dance

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices are gearing up to take each other on in the server racket and are apparently readying some major announcements. This week, Intel passed around an invite to the IT trade press for a briefing on May 26 to talk about "the next evolution in high-end server architecture." Which could mean just about …


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  1. Nik Simpson

    Nehalem in BX900 Blades

    The Dynamic Cube BX900 blade server as announced will never support Nehalem EX, you can't drop Nehalem EX processors into any existing XEON design, it requires a whole new motherboard. It seems unlikely that they would have announced a conventional XEON blade if they expected Nehalem EX to be pulled in by six months as it would be obsolete by time it started to ship. So my guess is that availability date for Nehalem EX is unchanged and that systems will show up in late-Q4 to early Q1.

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  3. raving angry loony

    it's all about research

    Given that Intel used illegal methods to cut AMD out of many contracts, I imagine it's going to take a while for AMD to get the research back up to where they are as competitive as they used to be. Not sure $1B was enough of a fine for Intel really.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AMD does it again! 6 core Opteron this month.

    Hi, now what company is always first and more innovative? AMD! Nasa loves AMD too!!!

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