back to article Canonical hooks Ubuntu Landscape into Amazon EC2

Commercial Linux distributor Canonical has launched the third release of its Landscape systems management and monitoring service for the Ubuntu Linux distribution. And with Landscape 1.3, the tool can now reach out and manage Ubuntu images on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) utility. Up until now, the Landscape tool, which …


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  1. Joe

    License? GPL? Hybrid?

    This article does not answer the most important question that kept popping into my head, repeatedly, as I read it -

    Is "Landscape" Open Source? All or partial?

    If not, where's it from, the lineage an the history are important, to determine what Open Source projects they did build it on / from - and whether it's a hybrid, etc


  2. Steve George

    Landscape license


    Landscape is a commercial service that Canonical provides to customers. Like all our services it's an optional piece that an Ubuntu user can choose to use if they have the need. The core Ubuntu platform is completely gratis and open source - in fact we'll even send you an Ubuntu CD anywhere in the world so you can try it out!

    The client side of Landscape (the piece that sits on a users desktop or server) is open source. It's provided within Ubuntu server and is easily installed on the desktop edition.

    The server side of the service is closed source and the whole thing is provided as a web service by Canonical. All the code for Landscape (client and server) was developed by Canonical developers. Of course we used free software components such as Python and Apache. We've also open sourced or support a few components that Canonical developed internally/uses for Landscape such as Storm and the SMART package manager.

    You can find out more about Landscape or register for a trial on Canonical's <a href=http://>Landscape</a> pages.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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