back to article Software pirate convicted of DMCA offences

A US man has been convicted of offences against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act over the sale of counterfeit Microsoft product activation keys. Adonis Gladney, 24, is reportedly the first person to be convicted under provisions in the law that ban the circumvention of security controls in software. Following his …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    I've got a some spare activation codes!! & COA's

    "Gladney reportedly earned $3m through the scam before he was collared by investigators, led by agents from the FBI, who seized $74,038 and two custom-built Lamborghini sport cars"

    So can I resell my "SPARE" activation codes? all with COA

    Got a good deal from Microsoft a couple of years ago, on 3500, and never used half of them

    Just wondering as I have a filing cab with just under 2000 just sitting there

    Don't tell our boss, he thinks he got a good deal

    I'd love a custom-built Lamborghini ;)

  2. Wortel

    Ha ha ha ho ho ho

    The MARINES? how typical. Military Intelligence, etc.

  3. Richard Porter

    Circumvention of security controls?

    Surely if security controls can be circumvented they don't justify the name? What security?

  4. Nameless Faceless Computer User


    I didn't know that people were still buying Microsoft products.

  5. Rob

    "...custom-built Lamborghini..."

    And so he should be arrested even if it weren't for copyright theft he should be banged up for not buying better cars with the money.

  6. NogginTheNog

    Greed, and not knowing when to quit

    See, if I'd made $3m in a scam I'd now be living under a new identity somewhere warm and far from a US extradition treaty...

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Now he'll get to see the other side of the poop hole for his scams. I don't condone piracy but profiting from free content is a nono. Especially with all the stuff he's got now. Now he can spend the 3m paying jailers to not rape his butthole.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It is worrying

    what are the Marines doing buying commercial software of some guy in an alley?

    I thought it all had to go through some preferred vendor who audited the code, obviously times have changed.

    It is just weird, now that the computer generation is in positions of making IT decisions all the wrong ones are being made, I may have to stand corrected on the world has never had it so good when it comes to IT, it is more a case of disdain and familiarity.

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