back to article AT&T mulls cut-rate iPhone data plan

AT&T is considering a cut-rate data plan for US iPhones. Citing "people with knowledge of the company's thinking," BusinessWeek says that the iPhone exclusive US carrier is pondering a limited data plan for $10 (£6.50) less than its current offering. AT&T currently sells only an unlimited data plan for $30 (£19.50) per month …


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  1. Bryce Prewitt
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    How about you give them away for free like in other countries, ATT?

    Maybe then I'll get one.

    Oh wait, I forgot, this is America. We'll gladly overpay for an overpriced toy AND sign a lengthy contract granting us the right to do so. Yay consumers!

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    YAY !

    Now even poor people can buy this iJunk.

  3. Tom
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    You think ATT is Bad?

    Try Rogers/Fido in Canada. $30 data plan? You get 1 GB, or you can pay $80 for for 5 GB (no unlimited plan).

    iPhone voice+data? $60 for 250 minutes, 75 Text messages, 1GB data.

  4. Ascylto

    @ YAY

    I'll bet you write in green ink!

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    Are they worth that much?

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