back to article ToysRus unleashes Devil's Whore on innocent kiddies

We reckon that ToysRus had better have a quick word with its parter Lovefilm about the DVD rental outfit's recommended viewing algorithm: Devil's Whore recommended for children down at Lovefilm We're obliged to reader Jack Lear for bringing this outrage to our attention, and have of course made our dossier available to the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    ....correct me if I'm wrong, 15 year olds are still legally children. Threfore I see no wrong..

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If it were my kids

    I'd be wanting them kept well away from Keira Knightley as well

  3. Anonymous Coward

    I thought

    that the little darling always watched this type of film.

  4. Lionel Baden


    Toys R Us suck anyway tbh

    Dont think i will ever buy from them if i can help it.

  5. Law
    Paris Hilton

    I'm outraged

    ... Toys-r-us are still trading?!? wtf??

    Paris... because if I were satan, then she'd have 2 films with her name in it that kids love! ;)

  6. David Morris
    Thumb Up


    I've just had it recommend Screamers 2 : The Hunting (cert 18), Kill Switch (cert 18) and The Heartbreak Kid (cert 18). This could provide hours of pointless entertainment!

  7. Ed Blackshaw

    Tinkerbell looks triuly shocked!

    *won't someone think of the children* etc.

  8. David Haworth

    @Stu Reeves

    I thoughts children were defined as being people who haven't yet passed puberty? 15 probably too old for that.


  9. Jason Norris

    Apologies from LOVEFiLM

    All at LOVEFiLM are sorry if this caused any offence and would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention. This has happened due to a technical error with our product information feed and we have fixed the issue as of this morning and now only children's titles will be seen on this page.

    Again, apologies for any offence and we can assure you that this was not a deliberate act.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Promo Code: TRUSPLASH

    What's the Japanese word for 'splash' again ?

  11. Dave Ross

    No wonder...

    poor Tinkerbell loos so shocked!

  12. Martin Lyne

    Mutant Chronicles

    Good film, but not even a child could be satisfied with the lack of explanatory ending..

  13. Brutus

    @Jason Norris

    Don't spoil our fun, we really wanted this to be a deliberate act of subversion!

    But well done for the rapid apology, anyway.

  14. steogede

    David Haworth

    >> I thoughts children were defined as being people who haven't yet passed puberty? 15 probably too old for that.

    I thought children were defined as those who have (or at some point have had) parents. Okay, it is typically take to mean under 18 or even under 16, but I certainly I don't remember there being a pre-pubescent requirement.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    I always thought...

    Tinkerbell was a bit of a kinky freak. <insert 70's porn sound track here>

  16. Marvin the Martian

    None of which are so devastating

    in comparision to their sixth suggestion, a mind-scarring Frida "monobrow" Kahlo biopic.

  17. Steve Dulieu
    Paris Hilton

    Never mind about ToysRus...

    What about El Reg's new TD2YDT* tech? I refer, of course to the Bravissimo ads that have started appearing on any remotely Bulgarian AB related story. There am I working up a rightious head of steam over illicit plod HD sizeure and up at the top of the page - NORBERTS!!! - <Homer> Mmmmmm, Norberts...</Homer> Keep it up, it's the geek dreamtime, IT and large breasted ladies with their shirts off. So one hand for pizza, one for the mouse, one for the...damm!

    Cheers, Steve

    *T*ts Direct To Your DeskTop

  18. David Haworth


    well, it depends what context you're talking about. 18 or under is the legal context, but biologically, I thought there were three stages that a human could be in, infancy, childhood and adulthood. adulthood starts at puberty, therefore that's when childhood ends.

    I think :)


  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    From what I hear in America...

    on the current state of parliament, perhaps "The Devils Whore" might qualify as some kind of civics curricullum for the little tykes?

  20. joe K
    Paris Hilton

    Where are the women?

    Following Steve's comments, its occured to me that I don't recall seeing any posts by an obviously female character on any of the El reg stories I read, or am I a little blind?

    Certainly haven't seen Paris...

  21. Law

    RE: Where are the women?

    They are around - I remember being shocked and upset when they crept out on a story about Della site.

    They are mostly lurkers - so like most women, even the IT breed will wait for you to hang yourself with a comment before they put the boot in! :)

    Wonder where the dominatrix is these days... Sarah??

  22. cordwainer

    Lurking women

    We often choose neutral or male monikers so as not to engender (heh) chauvinist or sexist replies from those who confuse personal attacks with debate.


    George Sand

    George Eliot

    George Fayne

    Boy George

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