back to article White House confiscates hack's handset

OK, so we all forget to switch phones off when we go into theatres, concert halls, meetings with the boss. Usually, we're spared blushes because the darn thing doesn't ring, but at least we know that, if it did, we wouldn't have it taken away. Pity then, one US hack whose inability to covertly turn off a ringing mobile - or at …


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  1. Stewart Midwinter


    Hard to believe that the 2nd reporter would walk out of the press conference rather than turn off his phone. Of course, he must be especially arrogant to be talking on it in the first place. Maybe his employer would like to know that he finds blabbing on his phone to be more important than, you know, doing his job by covering the press conference.

  2. Montague Knightley
    Thumb Down

    comic democratic nation

    bill plante truly showed that us of a is as comic as it is democratic..

    thank goodness the chap hasnt done the same thing in front of ahmadinejad.. we surely would have heard the last from him then..

  3. sage


    When I've had to serve on jury duty, they always take everyones cellphones and other electronic devices at the lobby. Why is that so important in a civil court but apparently a non-issue in the white house?

    And confiscating the phone because it rang? What is this, elementary school?

    Mine's the one with the phone in the... huh? I swear it was in here when I took it off.

  4. lennie

    oh really you walked away

    it is disrespectful to be in a meeting and your phone goes off, this guy even has the nerve to answer and was talking on it. I honestly wouldn't allow him back to the next meeting and his employer would be hearing from me. what arrogance. I wonder if he would of done the samething if it was the actual president. next time they should make it mandetory that they all put their phones on vibrate or silence, and anyone who doesn't and their phone rings should be thrown out no questions asked. this way they will have to answer to their boss why they didn't get the full story from the meeting.

  5. Juan Inamillion

    Total contempt and ignorance

    on the part of those tossers with the ringing phones. If I was Gibbs I'd put the phone back where the sun don't shine.


  6. John Dougald McCallum

    RINGRING RING........

    It was probibly his BOSS checking up on him

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