back to article Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition S8300

While last summer’s Tocco proved a hit for Samsung, its follow up isn’t simply a feature-refreshed, identikit Mark II model. For this season’s flagship Tocco Ultra Edition, Samsung has reconfigured the original minimalist design with a significant extra – a sliderphone keypad – adding a different dimension to the look, feel and …


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  1. Danny Silver badge

    wifi not quite the killer

    TBH do people use wifi a lot? I find it more of a hassle. It is simply easier to use the onboard HSDPA or 3G rather than scan for a station, enter my voucher code, surf 50mb before being cut off. Ive never gone over my allowance but then again i'm an average surfer (and most of the time I switch the pictures off). Granted if you want iplayer on the move then you need wifi but arent you better getting a pocket surfer? The screen isnt really good enough for serious iplayer or youtube action anway.

    What about battery life with bluetooth on? My samsung omnia eats battery when bluetooth is on, and how about altering the display brightness to get longer life? Again, I need to turn down the brightness on the screen when im using tomtom else the battery is gone in 3-4 hours.

  2. M

    Sounds alright

    But I am waiting for the Samsung Omnia HD and this ain't it. THIS AIN'T IT!

  3. Mark Alexander


    Ok - who else looked at this and wished it was running Android?

  4. Dominic Tristram
    Thumb Down


    Yes, I use WiFi on my iPhone all the time. Not so much when I'm out and about, but at home or at friends houses where I want to Google something, check train times, etc etc. Much quicker over Wifi. I wouldn't buy a phone without it... well, not a smart phone anyway. Any such device is crippled.

  5. Neil Lewis
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    So, it's more expensive than a G1, doesn't have a G1's WiFi, doesn't have a G1's qwerty keyboard and doesn't have a G1-size screenl for web surfing or email. And it uses a closed, proprietary o/s instead of Android. Why exactly should I want one of these again?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Samsung Tocco Issues

    Two complaints about the Tocco. Wondering if they have been resolved in the Ultra edition:

    Cant edit the dictionary. If you put something in wrong, you have to reset the phone to factory settings.

    Cant change the picture slideshow when you lock the phone. Not particularily problematic, but would have been nice.

  7. Allan Rutland

    Got one...loathe the bloody thing!

    Got one of these bloody things the other day, and am in half a mind of swapping it back for my old G600 if not for two things. The camera is brillient, and the texting is oddly very smooth. I originally hated the keypad as it's a gel like thing, but it is actually very responsive and very fast to text on.

    The browsing is utter crap though. And the widgets thing is a nice idea, but the way you can't lock them to the desktop and a minor finger slide means you've scattered them all over the place is an immense pain in the backside...why oh why can't you simple save the positions?!

    As for the AC above on the dictionary...can you hell as like, and its very annoying you can't :(

    If you don't want browsing, and just want something thats very good for texting, calling, and using the camera then it's brillient. The fake call thing is great! mwhaha phone yourself to get out of anything mode, gotta love it!!! Everything else, pretty much forget it, although it does have a really nice "I can club someone to death with this like a thinkpad" feel of build quality to it.

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