back to article Mozilla marks June for Firefox 3.5 release candidate

Mozilla plans to spin out the release candidate version of Firefox 3.5 in the first week of June. The browser maker’s director Mike Beltzner confirmed late yesterday that Mozilla was “setting an aggressive code freeze target of next Wednesday, May 20th for Firefox 3.5 RC”. He added that the Firefox team was down to 52 code …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Any bets on the first vuln once it's fully released? You'll only get evens ont h first 24hours.

    Its just a shame that such a fuss is being made over what is, basically, a bloated, buggy browser, thats not even innovative.

    Those in the know, know that a version of firefox 3.5 was released last year, called OPERA 9.5. It seems Mozilla's spent their millions making a worse version of opera. Wonderful!

    *goes back to Opera 10...*

  2. Barney Carroll
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    Can't wait

    The only real browser for me. Instability was putting me off.

    @AC "not even innovative"?

    TraceMonkey is a beast when it comes to JS-heavy stuff - with an engine like that combined with FF's DOM interpretation and Firebug etc we can start developing the next generation of JS-based web applications. Opera will get their gold star stickers from the W3, but for the man on the street or indeed the serious designer/developer, we want a browser that performs great and customises fantastically..

  3. Goat Jam


    Opera? Yes, it is quite fast, I'll grant that and yes, FF3.0 is a bit slow and bloaty (especially on Jaunty, WTF is up with that?)

    Funnily enough I just spent an hour playing with Opera 9.5 because of the slowness I've been experiencing since the Jaunty upgrade. I must say liked Opera's comparative speed but the lack of an equivalent to Firefox's "Bookmark Toolbar" was a deal breaker. I tried the "Personal Toolbar" but it doesn't (appear to) allow changing the favicons for any bookmarks you put there so that wont work. Also, the fact that bookmark sync with xmarks (foxmarks) is also unsupported meant I'm still on FF. I am going to keep Opera to use effectively as an email client as gmail is terribly slow on Jaunty+Firefox.

    Might check out the FF beta and see how that goes.

  4. Andy Barber

    What happened...

    .... to 3.1 to 3.4 then?

  5. MacroRodent
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    2 big Innovations in FF 3.5 I am eagerly expecting

    1. @font-face CSS tag that can download a font off the web. Combined with the Open Font Library this could be distruptive technology. Or at least eat commercial font design house's lunch.

    2. Video tag with built-in codec. Standard web video without the plug-in mess!

  6. Bruce


    WOOO!! I have found mr less than 0.5% of the browser market!! Good on you old Opera boy!

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