back to article Solar-powered netbook spied in Spain

Spanish firm Iunika has unveiled a solar-powered netbook. Iunika_GYY Iunika's GYY: uses solar power to top up its battery Branded the GYY, this 8in mini laptop has solar panels built into the outside of its lid. These will help supplement the battery and, apparently, help extend it beyond its basic four-hour untethered …


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  1. Jason

    Hell yes!

    I live in Greece, and my EEE 4g Surf is great and all, but I wish I could use something other than the mains, solar power would be great for me on the move and typing at a cafe, hopefully for longer than 3 hours with wifi and sound off, with brightness turned down.

    Ugly looks aside, and fairly poor spec, for that price it's better than you would expect, as anything solar powered is expensive.

    Can anyone tell me why we don't have a portable solar panel which you can then plug your computer into?

    I'm not talking about those cool little FreeLoader ones which charge phones, mp3 players etc. Netbooks etc obviously won't charge off USB, but will need to use the socket like with the mains, so why isn't a solar panel marketed like this? Problems converting the energy?

  2. chris
    Thumb Down

    just another maplin minibook + a solar pannel

    Looks like it's another reblanded Trendtac 700 EPC, Elonex One T, Linux Netbook, Maplin Minibook, Silverstar, Yinlips Micro PC, Sub Notebook, 3k Razorbook, Bestlink Alpha 400, HiVision Mininote, JAY-tech Jee-PC 400S, Letux 400 Linux Minibook, CnMBook, CnM Minibook, Novatech Minibook.

    So a mips processor, tiny amount of ram and a really shit OS.

  3. M7S
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    Ideal if they can keep it that price

    I'll buy one, even accepting that the solar function in the UK might be less than wonderfully effective (but dont remove that feature, it's handy for travelling). I've already asked my nearest Spanish speaker to translate the webpage so I can contact the makers nearer to launch.

    Price and specifications are exactly what an SCC should be.

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