back to article HP hit by laptop recall

HP is recalling thousands of laptop batteries after two machines overheated and caught fire. Although no one was injured it is clearly not comfortable, or safe, having a flaming lappie on your lap. The lithium-ion batteries were in HP or Compaq branded machines sold between August 2007 and March 2008. About 70,000* batteries …


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  1. Lionel Baden


    why cant they just test this stuff first

    Its not exactly difficult turn it on stick it under a heat lamp. see how long it takes for battery to blow split etc etc

    the longer the better

  2. Big Bear


    As I sit here in the office surrounded by a sea of silver and black, all I think about is the potential fiery death trap my employer is subjecting me to!!

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  4. Anonymous Coward

    Nuclear is the answer

    We need to look at installing nuclear generation packs into portable devices! Imaging never having to recharge ever again... with one proviso.... laptops should no longer be used on your "lap" unless you wish to become sterile.

  5. Sureo

    remove battery...

    "Users are advised to remove the battery immediately..."

    So the battery can't catch fire by itself? Where is the defect?

  6. Tim Schomer

    I wonder...

    ... if these batteies were made by the same people who made them for Dell etc... If so I expect the manufacturer to get really burned by this episode.

    The one with the asbestos lining please...

  7. Ralph B

    Never Buy HP

    The programmed "timing-out" of unused print cartridges shows the intent of this company towards their customers.

    Save yourself a lot of grief. Never buy HP.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Free replacement..

    .. of a two year old battery.. I'll bet thats a blessing for many. Not for HP Parts though...

  9. Don S.

    It's not just the battery.

    I have one of the affected units. I'm more worried about the super-heating hard drive catching fire to be frank.

  10. Nicholas Wright

    Is it just me...

    ... but with the advent of electric cars... with batteries inside them... I'm starting to feel a teensy bit nervous.

  11. Kanhef


    A laptop recall is not the same as a laptop battery recall.


  12. Mark Spooner

    RE: Is it just me..

    Exploding Ford Pinto take 2?

  13. Dillon Pyron

    And the answer is

    I don't know. I have to shut down the fraking thing to turn it over and pull the battery. Maybe tomorrow. I doubt the house will burn down tonight. I think.

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