back to article Deleted cloud rebuilds self from scratch

Nine months after an engineer accidentally deleted its Amazon-like compute cloud - and six months after a second major outage - FlexiScale has finally completed a software overhaul meant to avoid such extended blackouts. And if you're interested in building your own infrastructure cloud, it might even sell you this new code …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Creating Future Higher Societies.

    "but Amazon prefers to greet such inquiries with silence. "I've tried more times than I can count and I've given up. They're not interested."

    The Modus Vivendi of dodgy, corrupting political systems....... which are easily trumped by Virtualisation..... a little something Special which needs only Personal Passion and Greater Shared Intelligence to Crush Self Serving Third Party Permissions/Subjective Support.

    Methinks the Establishment/Status Quo have No Idea that they have been Replaced by a Virtual Machinery Model Administered Remotely from Cloud Bases, for is that not what they are competing against for the Personal Convenience and Magnificent Reward of Managing Global Perception.

    IT is certainly what Banking and Government and National Security and International Defence/Imperialist Attack Honey Pots are Struggling with and Failing Magnificently to Embrace and Understand and Lead with Media Providing Inventive Digital Environments.

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. jake Silver badge

    Gee, you think?

    "Like so many other companies, FlexiScale has approached Amazon about facilitating cloud migration, but Amazon prefers to greet such inquiries with silence. "I've tried more times than I can count, and I've given up. They're not interested.""

    Uh ... maybe they are not interested because outsourcing "cloud computing" isn't cost effective and doesn't scale? And the fact that it's cheaper, more flexible, more secure, and easier to deploy & maintain in real time if you roll it out yourself?

    ::wanders off, muttering::

  4. Lionel Baden

    as with all cloud computing stories

    i tend to mention

    lots of Eggs + 1 Basket

  5. Nick Askew

    Feet up time again everyone

    When I started working many many years ago computers were only used by the secretaries to type up documents that had been hand written by someone else. The computers they used were terminals to a central system and when that system went down we were told that we would have to wait for our typing.

    Then came the personal computer and every now and then one of those would fail and the person in question would not be able to work. Then they said network the computers and put everything on a shared drive. If that drive went down nobody could work on anything that had been on that drive.

    Then desktop virtualisation came along and if that went down entire buildings of people could no longer work.

    Not satisfied with that achievement it seems that the visionaries have decided they would like to wipe out the ability to work for an entire continent. What will they come up with next, a pad of paper and a pen and call it resillient computing?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    After looking for a fantastic Cloud-based (I hate that word) VPS solution, I've been playing heavily with A new player in the cloud technology, seems to be a cut above the rest.

    Ok, so they're a wee bit more expensive, but it's worth it! I wouldn't touch any other service provider now.

  7. martin burns

    Resilient computing

    @Nick Askew

    Brilliant idea! Quick! To the PatentMobile!

  8. BlueGreen

    @AC 11:33

    Your declaration of interest in this shiny new company is requested.

  9. jake Silver badge


    "Your declaration of interest in this shiny new company is requested."

    You're not going to get it. AC-11:33 managed to run an advert past the Mods.

    I did a little dig-ing, to find out whois ... Looks to me like an outfit designed to separate fools from their money. Ubuntu as an Internet facing Linux distro? They've GOT to be kidding ... Bloody ugly, teenager drawn cartoon for a home page, too. Childish, all in all. Added to my personal "ignore" list.

  10. Bob H
    Paris Hilton

    Hmmm.... are part of, another reason to avoid...

    I used to use XCalibre many eons ago, I got a good deal from them but eventually they were out paced by other providers in the UK. Their use of Scotland as a base is noble, but perhaps their connectivity costs have put the prices above average? I can't say for sure, I know Bytemark from York is managing to hold on to reasonable prices though.

    In all, when it comes to hosting I don't trust the medium/large size operators like UK2 and 1&1, they aren't responsive and just play on price. In contrast modest providers like XCalibre and Bytemark can offer great personal support and still have technical competence. At the other end of the spectrum mammoth providers like Amazon and Google can provide scale.

    I'm impressed with what these guys have done, rebuilt their virt infrastructure, but is it really any more significant than Enomaly or Eucalyptus? Both of which are essentially free? Should they have built on these projects or doe they have something deficient about them? I don't know, I'm just an amateur.

    Paris, because she scales...

  11. BlueGreen


    Cheeky buggers, but I doubt it's the first time the reg has been Belkin'd. And the home page looks nicely minimal with NoScript at work (what *is* it with jscript that it just has to be used on every site? You'd think it was magic pixie dust that made everything it touched better).

    I'm with you. A few months and it'll be likely dead anyway.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    @ Martin & @ Nick

    Sorry but "Resilient computing" has been done.

    Still a load of hooey if you ask me but you did not ask me.

  13. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Greed is OverRated and Indicative of Flawed and Floored Imagination.

    And in Startling Virtual Sphere of Influence and HyperRadioProActivity, No Cloud Presence ..... No Honey and Buns.

    That is why IT is So Attractively Addictive with the Power of IT Shared Controls ..... For Feedback to Loops and CyberIntelAIgent Loopers ....... ESPecialised Networking Teamsters ....... Mature Stable Stars that Shine into the Sun for Delivery of Heat and Light from Space Systems.

    Which is a Secure Private System of IP Generation for Public Funded Banker Investment .

    The Leading Question is, who Personally makes for such a Bank, Future Lead Investment Decision.

    And if anyone on El Reg can identify the RBS Head Honcho, I'll then run a check to see if he has any Useful Virtual Presence able to dDeliver Honey and Buns/Money in Sums.

  14. jake Silver badge


    "And if anyone on El Reg can identify the RBS Head Honcho"

    Eh? Royal Bank of Scotland, right? Should be a matter of public record ... I suspect even wikipedia has that particular answer, or at least a clue as to where to find it, if you look. Not that I ever recommend wikipedia, y'unnerstan' ... Try metacrawlering it?

  15. Gav Powell

    Online Storage

    Is sdomething I've never trusted since Streamload/Mediamax started having problems. I signed up to be a carbonite reseller but have refused to offer it to anyone because I can't trust any form of storage I can't access directly.

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