back to article Computacenter: Life's not as bad as we thought

Computacenter shares are up over five per cent today after the company said first half turnover and profits were much better than last year's. The reseller's chairman Greg Lock said: "Following the completion of our unaudited management accounts for the four months, a more meaningful comparison can be made. Group profitability …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Hardly surprising really. They've just taken responsibility for a large proportion of the desktop and server environment at the large company I work for, at a cost of many millions of pounds to us. They then promptly made redundant a significant number of employees that were transferred over who used to do the jobs they've taken over.

    Computacenter get paid millions of pounds whilst my company can hide this under expenses in the balance sheet. Everyone's a winner.... except the now redundant employees, of course.

  2. Mark York Silver badge


    I spent four happy years working for CC at GSK as part of their support team, which was a mixture of contractors & permy CC & GSK's own staff. We had little to do with how CC ran things as we followed GSK's SLA.

    CC then took over the running of support, some GSK staff took voluntary redundancy or got themselves promoted out of local support rather than fall into CC's grasp.

    The good working enviroment disappeared rather rapidly with phonecalls from managment querying why calls were not being assigned within minutes of arriving in our queue & endless e-mails about procedures & SLA.

    I voted with my feet first back to home rather than the weekly commute to London, to a local support role elsewhere.

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