back to article Seagate slashes more jobs

Seagate is cutting a further 1,100 jobs with a view to reaching break-even point, aiming to save $125m a year. Seagate is the world's largest supplier of hard disk drives and the cuts represent 2.5 percent of its global headcount. They will get Seagate's cost down to less than $300m a quarter and, hopefully, make the firm …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    All @ Sea

    "The latest headcount reductions means that Seagate will be at its most efficient"

    So the company is behind in research and best in market, so to fix it you cull loads of talented staff... right yeah I can see that working out long term! Short term fix to keep the shareholders happy but long term the company is screwed..

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They've had it.

    Danny devito said it. As the motor car came along, the last company still making horsewhips was the best, but noone needed one.

    Before the recession's out, rotating drives will have died.

  3. Kevin Bailey

    Watch out for the *nix guys

    Is this the same Seagate who did not supply any help for Unix users when the Baracuda's started failing? Who produced a Windows only drive (something to do with a Flash memory section).

    Decent sysadmins are unix guys and will help those who help them - and vice-versa.

    Beware of what happened to SCO. Something like - sysadmin goes to PHB - we need to update the Unix licenses - will be switching from SCO to Solaris due to dtrace, foo, bar and foobar - here, I have some docs explaining in detail the new c++ libraries which we can use to... not interested in them - OK .. - just sign here and I'll get on with it - cheers.

  4. {¯`·.¸_LÅMߤ¥_¸.·´¯}


    Drives dont care about unix or msoft. Get over it.

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