back to article Nvidia punts 3D into Europe

Nvidia has finally made its 3D PC kit available to gamers, film fans and photo fanatics across northern Europe. Nvidia_geforce_3d_vision_kit Nvidia's kit turns games, films and photos 3D The firm’s promised that its GeForce 3D Vision kit – first seen at CES back in January – will automatically transform 2D content into a “ …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Blast From the Past?

    So are these the same as the Elsa Glassess from Late 90's

    They were lcd shutter glassess too and worked with any DirectX (openGL?) game/app needed a decent Monitor though...(>100Hz IIRC)

  2. Martin Nicholls

    @AC / General Comments...

    So do these, the monitor is 120Hz

    The problem is that it's a 22" 1680x1050 job so it's utterly useless for the target audience.

    I wouldn't step down from my 24" 1920x1200 because I'd loose 1080p, rendering my BluRay useless (so lets forget 3D movies for starters) and frankly, I'd also argue it's too small anyway, I wouldn't get too excited about making it too cheap by using overly small screens - anybody buying into the tech in the next 18 months is that breed of early adopter that have enough cash to pay the premiums.

    This isn't my way of saying they should make the 3d tech more expensive or slap a premium on the display, merely that the display is too small for the target market - they're also targeting this at movie people so without the 1080p it doesn't hit the mark.

    I guess the problem is with the panel makers - they're waiting to see if the tech catches on before making the big panels but the fact is, they're purposely creating a product nobody wants even though people want the actually product - just not in the poor size, so now doubt in 18 months they can point at the poor sales figures of this useless display and say "look nobody wants it" </try>.

    Before anybody mentions DVI bw as a possible motive for the low-res display, which I'm sure somebody is considering, you need dual-link for this display anyways, moving up to 192x1200@120 is well inside dual-link capabilities.

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