back to article Microsoft slings out Office 2010 technical preview

Microsoft will ship a technical preview of Office 2010 to invite-only users in July, the company has confirmed. The Office 2010 beta is expected to land at some point in the second half of 2009 and will come in 32-bit and 64-bit flavours. It can run on Windows XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7. Additionally it will also work on any …


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  1. David

    XPx64 users want to know..

    Will Office 10's x64 edition be only available for Vista x64 or will it run on XPx64 as well?

    Is Office 2010 "Web Access" available as a server product that shops can install themselves or is it a service hosted by Microsoft with some kind of subscription fee?

    Finally, I'm assuming this means there'll be a x64 version of Access. Does this mean we'll finally get a x64 driver for JET?

  2. Neil
    Gates Horns

    Odds on them listening to users

    and getting rid of the stupid ribbons and stupid sidebars?

  3. StooMonster

    I love the ribbons

    What is stupid in Office 2007 is using Excel for charting in Powerpoint instead of good old Chart app?

    Why? I have spreadsheets that are huge and take ages to calculate, and I can only have one open at a time (even with multi-core CPUs, tonnes of RAM, Vista x64, etc.); so when I try and draw a chart in PP it create a new Excel sheet and locks my computer, which then works at a snails pace whilst I paste a table of numbers in.

    Charting does not need Excel functionality in it's worksheet view, it just needs to accept numbers and plot them.

    If web apps are going to pwn the lower end of the spreadsheet market, perhaps Microsoft have no choice but to support the high end "power users"? I would like to think so ... therefore I would like better memory management, more multi-core support (2007 doesn't do all functions), more 'professional' chart options, better stats functions and support, etc.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Hmmm, maybe they will 'fix' 2007 with 2010? like there gona fix Vista with 7....

    I hope to hell they sort out its interface, because the current 2007 interface does nothing but encourage people to move away from office, even if your coming from office 2003.

    Much like Vista, some bits are nice and make sence, other fail. The main fail of office 2007 for me is completely breaking the users mapping. This combined with an undeveloped help system makes the transition very painful.

    I know when I was last playing around with it, none of our service providers has office 2007 as a requirement (unlike 2003) for intergration into there products, and had no imediate plans to introduce it (there just was not demand).

    Paris, because its a nice city.

  5. Henry
    Gates Horns

    Taking the MS Shilling

    God, I hate to defend MS, as I have been a penguaphile for best part of a decade, but please stop bitching about Office 2007's UI.

    Once you get used to it you start to wonder what the hell was going on with earlier versions of Office... 2007 has a far more intuitive interface and is much prettier (for what that's worth).

    <shudder> I really need to take a shower now....

  6. Neil
    Thumb Down


    I'll give you that its more pretty, but I'll deny its more intuitive till my dying breath (especially Access 2007).

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I couldn't agree more! The UI for Office 2007 is excellent. Autodesk have used the same idea in AutoCAD, and it too is brilliant. It's a far more intuitive interface. The majority 'softies seem to fear change, which has always confused me as they also seem to be feature-tards. Ridiculous. You never know, Office for Windows may even catch up with Office for Mac ('softies, noticed the way that I typed 'Mac'? MAC means Media Access Control as in MAC address or it's a cosmetics company...)!

  8. Henry Wertz Gold badge

    Don't like icons

    I don't think I'd EVER get used to a ribbon. I just can't make heads or tails of a bunch of nearly identical-looking icons, don't find icons intuitive, and REALLY wouldn't get used to ones that move around on me as they apparently do in the ribbon bar. The smartest thing Microsoft could do is at least give the OPTION of using menus, for those who prefer them.

  9. spegru
    Gates Halo

    does it do ODF?

    You know, Open document Format

    ODT: Text docs

    ODS: spreadsheets

    ODP: Presentations


  10. Mark

    Ribbon issues

    One problem with the ribbon is that it busts the user defined menus of addins. Some may find that a small inconvenience but it is utterly unnecessary.

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