back to article Vodafone opens gates to barbarians

Vodafone is set to announce a standard set of APIs, allowing third parties to create applications integrated with Vodafone servers around the world, including tapping the operator's billing system for micropayments. In an announcement billed as (yet again) "redefining the mobile internet," Vodafone is unveiling a set of …


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  1. Frank

    Oh My God!

    Another way for scammers and thieves to skim money from your mobile phone account.

    It's bad enough that Vodafone allow premium rate text message thieves to take money from your account by the simple act of sending you a text message that you never asked for or authorised in any way. Now they're going to give them an API for the billing system!

  2. Bod

    How long...

    ... before the first malware app that takes "advantage" of this then? ;-)

  3. pctechxp
    Thumb Down

    I've never used vodafone

    And never will now as Frank has said above this sounds like a scammers dream come true.

    Irs kind of like Mervyn King opening the vaults at the Bank of England and shouting 'come and geddit'

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