back to article Film industry turns up P2P heat on Carter

The UK film industry today backed the record industry's long-running campaign for laws to force ISPs to cut off persistent illegal filesharers from the internet. At a conference in London today, a coalition including Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), the UK film sector's copyright enforcement body, will aim to put …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Isn't Copyright infringement a civil matter, and don't the copyright holders already have a known, tried and tested method of obtaining redress from such infringement?

    It's called the High Court. You sue those whom you believe are infringing your copyright.


    And isn't part of the definition of theft purposely intending to permanantly deprive the owner of the goods / chattles / items / etc? So how does allowing someone to copy a digital recording 'permanantly deprive' the owner of that recording? That is not theft its copyright infringement.

    So FACT doesn't actually have many real facts for its basis.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    just wandering

    1) if the subscriber have pre-paid for a period.... will the subscriber get a refund once his/her ISP disconnected them? (if this does become law, then ISPs should be prohibited from adding a term that allow them to keep the money if the user is disconnected)

    2) considering how the ISPs reacted to the BBS iPlayer, wouldn't we expect the same reaction if a legal alternative to p2p come to light?

  3. Ben Boyle

    3 strikes,..

    ... would be workable if, and only if, the user has been properly found guilty by a court of law, not by some idiot in the music industry pointing fingers.

  4. Ash
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    Europe is the way and the light

    The ECHR is the best thing to ever come out of Europe.

    Excluding Finish goth-metal.

  5. Gerard Krupa

    Sauce for the goose

    I suggest this should be returned in equal measure by preventing organisations who repeatedly make spurious and unfounded bullying legal threats against grannies, toddlers and just generally innocent people on the basis of questionable IP address logs from ever being able to litigate.

  6. Paul Murphy

    So shall we sue the post office..

    whenever someone sends a letter bomb,

    or DVLA whenever someone crashes a car,

    or a water company whenever someone gets waterboarded,

    or the telephone company whenever people make crank calls.

    and so on...

    When the copyright holders work out their mechanism for making it worthwhile for people to pay them money for their products in a fast and simple way they can then complain, until then they had better work on facing up to the fact that the people that provide the medium are not responsible for peoples use of it, and attempting to use them to police themselves is doomed to failure - mainly because it's going against their core purpose of suplying the service in the first place.

    People will copy and steal because that's what people do, until they mature or get caught and thrown into jail.


  7. WinHatter

    Old fashioned farts

    Looks like some never learn. It's an uphill battle FACTual morons, so instead of pushing some idiotic regulation that will be unenforceable why don't you FACT off and think on your feet.

    Try to get the most of it, things are getting shared that is rather a good point for the artists.

    Push foward a flat fee like the TV licensing fee that any internet user will pay. Yeah some will argue that they do not download. But if it becomes legal and they paid for, I'm sure, they will.

    Get counters and spread the fee.

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    Copyright *theft*?

    As far as I can tell, copyright theft would involve stealing the intellectual property rights to a movie, so that you then controlled its copyright. Somehow I don't think that's what they're worried about...

    I guess that FACI didn't sound as good.

  9. Dennis
    Paris Hilton

    I recently purchased a real DVD

    It had in a little leaflet saying thank you for purchasing a genuine DVD.

    It gave me a nice warm feeling inside. Much nicer than being called a drug dealing terrorist who rapes babies.

    My argument is always the same: Make something good enough and I will exchange cold hard cash for the privilege.

    For example: Me and the wife are dying to watch Star Trek on the big screen. I wonder would anybody at the RIAA come round and babysit so I don't have to pirate it???

    Can I have a babysitter required icon please.

    DOH I know Paris. Because I wish she was my babysitter

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    why is it so bad...

    ... that the user has to be found guilty in a court before they are disconnected (in relation to the clause that broke the talks down in europe)? i really don't see why they think that the 3 strikes with no legal bearing should be able to disconnect you from a service you have legally paid for. Would be like me having the head of FACT's car impounded because I told the clampers 3 times that he was parked on a double yellow line 2 months ago.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    800,000 jobs?

    Given that so many people in the broadcast industry are really only passing time before retirement (particularly at the BBC), the stagnation and 'dead mans shoes' effect is stopping new blood and new ideas getting into media as a whole.

    Although i am not advocating getting rid of 800,000 jobs, perhaps this industry should get with the times instead of lobbying to keep their outdated and increasingly irrelevant business models.

    Mr Rose at the BBC (the man who saved iPlayer from the BBC), is about the only new ideas man out there. The rest of the senior management of broadcasting just move around from channel to channel taking their ignorance with them.

    Also Yay for europe, first with Phorm, now with this 3 strikes issue... perhaps we should just ditch the criminal muppets in westminster altogether.

  12. Anonymous Coward
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    FACT going the way of the Music Industry

    I hate it when I *legally* hire or purchase a DVD and it has some stupid video at the beginning about how downloading is theft, with a discordant soundtrack and rapidily jumping scenes. Basically they're accusing the viewer of being a potential thief. Not the best way to get people on your side. The more they act like the Music industry, the less sympathy they'll get.

    I don't download anything illegally, my connection is too busy with WoW for that, and I really resent the implications that I am doing anything illegal. Interestingly if you choose one of the other language options, for example Flemish, you don't get any warning video. Do they not have file sharers in Belgium or are FACT too stupid to produce a translation?

  13. Anonymous Coward

    We dont like you....You use too much bandwith

    If ISP's can use 3 strikes

    Whats stopping them from cutting you off because you are "file-sharing" a linux iso. Thats using all the bandwith they claim to sell to you. But dont actually have access to?

  14. Michael

    I've said this before...

    ...and i'll say it again .

    one years disconnection ?

    Assuming 4hrs video @ basic tv quality/night (=1400mb)

    (350mb/hr X 4 X 365 =511000mb/yr =499.02343gb/yr)

    That's under 500gb people .....the size of a (relatively) small hard drive!

    Remember "home taping is killing music"?

    You don't NEED the internet to share files.

    Time someone told 'em to stop wasting our money on "project Canute" and get back to doing whatever they were doing before the internet.

  15. P. Lee
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    No, not Yay for europe. Really strong boos for the current incumbants in Westminster.

    Do you really think europe would be any different than westminster if they had the power westminster has?

    It would be a whole lot harder to reverse an action at a european level than at a uk level.

    Stop cheering europe and vote out those in Westminster and you could write a handwritten letter to your rep at westminster (and their opposition) telling them you will vote against anyone who carries on like this.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    blah blah blah

    blah blah blah think of the magic number of people whole lose their jobs becouse we can't sell our crappy product - whatever. Create a distrobution channel that you can exploit - oh right you shot one (probably dozens) down already.

    Directly I couldn't give a toss - however I watch alot (and I mean alot) of fansubbed anime and Japanese Drama, most of which you'll never get over here (so whilst simultaniously trying not to be branded a peado I must also hope I don't become a funder of terrorism - as apparently according to some ad I saw piracy funds terrorist - funny it was about a week after 11/9 that suddenly all the pirates started funding terrorists amazing network there.)

    Now technically I'm stealing loads of crap I can't buy and even if I could buy it it makes a series of Lost look like a stocking filer (£20 for a crap dvd between 3 and 5 episodes a disk, that's been from pal to ntsc and back to pal by dumb ass yanks)

    Not that in the end it really matters, we all start having problems just move back to irc, still problems? Off to share and perfect dark. But still it's a pain in the ass I can't be bothered with.

    Also I'm wondering why trackers arn't just flooded with fakes, these media folk are pretty stupid, nd they don't care if someones really downloading they just want to look like big tough guys, and if all the proof they need is an ip address is listed on a tracker then woohoo talk about fun times.

    Pirate bay could do us all a favor and add the all UK Gov addresses to their trackers for lols.

  17. Christopher Ahrens

    I know how they can make more money...

    Stop paying the actors so god damn much, especially when script writers, cameramen, editors, graphic designers, etc, etc. get paid peanuts, just barely enough to pay back their student loans and pay for a place to live. Maybe then they could charge less for a round piece of plastic that cot them like 10 cents to stand in China or Mexico or where have you. We could probably have decent thing to buy (Most shows are crap because the writers just don't care any more)

    During high schll I would spend my summers interning at the local TV studios

  18. Rob Welsh


    "John Woodward, head of the UK Film Council, also part of the coalition making today's call, said at the conference that 800,000 jobs in the film, TV and recording industries were threatened by illegal peer to peer."

    Fuck off! Just fuck off. The reason why 800,000 jobs in the UK film, TV and recording industries are threatened is because they don't have the financial backing of the kind found in America. Therefore they are constantly living on a knife edge.

    You need to start using the Internet as a promotion tool, not banning people from it you thick bastards.

  19. JD
    Paris Hilton

    Could that be...

    ... that they intend to capitalize on France's brand new law?

    Paris, because even she would wait and see the mess that the French law will create (encrypted networks, innocents busted, government brought before the European Court, yadda yadda) before doing anything as dumb as passing such a law.

  20. Moss Icely Spaceport

    I know!

    How about we just shut down the Interwebs?

    - No more nasty pr0N

    - No more Pirate Bay

    - No more P2P

    - No more political dissent

    - No more Co$ DoS attacks : (

    - etc

    This could catch on you know...

  21. The Fuzzy Wotnot
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    Can you hear this or do you want me to turn it up?!

    "Talks to offer legal music sharing to Virgin Media subscribers via what would have been a groundbreaking joint venture between an ISP and the record industry broke down recently over licensing complications."

    Now I hate VM as much as the next man, after 4 years with their crap ISP, but they tried to give the movie and music biz some options and they were obviously turned down.

    The music and movie biz's want their cake, eat it and finally charge you for it! Yes they have a right to protect themselves and their business, but blatently buying governments favours to allow them to decide whether I am a criminal for downloading a few TV episodes a week, FOAD scumbags!!!

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't hold your breath

    Carter, doubtless, will pay attention to what's said in proportion to how much money the people saying it have. So business will get what it wants, and voters can go fuck themselves.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    When will they learn

    Pirates will always find a way, they can spend their billions playing a game of whack a mole, but it will change nothing. The 3 strikes rule may curb it somewhat in the short term, but the internet will adapt. Private proxy servers will pop up all over the place and we'll see a whole new revenue stream for the pirates.

    Remember Napster? The music houses gloated and rejoiced when they killed it, then it spawned a whole new monster, Bittorrent. Which bypassed the need for a central server and couldn't be stopped. The same thing will happen here.

  24. Sam Liddicott
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    3 strikes for MPs too? For DMCA abusers too?

    "3 strikes" "graduated response" "technical measures"

    Why don't we also give MPs a 3 strikes graduated responses of political measures for ignoring the voters (or fiddling expenses)?

    Why don't we also give copyright holders a 3 strikes graduated response of legal measures when they abuse the DMCA.

    If "3 strikes" "graduated response" "____ measures" is so reasonable, lets US use it against OUR enemies; their arguments will support us too and re-level the battlefield.

  25. Law
    Paris Hilton

    RE: I recently purchased a real DVD

    That's what the in-laws are for.... our baby is barely 2 weeks old and they took him for 3 hours while we popped to the cinema to watch startrek!!

    For the first time in a long time I enjoyed the experience too... want to know why? Because to our surprise the screening was using a digital projector, so the picture was crystal clear! They need to keep progressing the tech and stop the stupid piracy messages/campaigning for disconnections, if it's good enough, people will pay for it at least once! :)

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