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Go on, admit it, when you first clapped eyes on Canon’s PowerShot D10, you thought: “That’s a kiddie’s camera!” Well, the PowerShot D10’s bulbous shape, large buttons and brightly coloured face plate certainly give it the air of a child’s toy, but it’s really designed for outdoor activities like, climbing, snorkelling, …


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  1. Charles King

    not wide enough

    For good shots underwater you'll want something that goes a lot wider than 35mm. Even in shallow water you need to get pretty close to coral etc in order to pick up the colours properly.

  2. Stu

    Worst camera ever?

    I'm sure I wont be the first person on here to say the outdoor shots look totally washed out, even blurry, not only overexposed as you put it, as the optics are responsible for these poor shots, not the light metering. The only decent ones were those aquarium ones and even the top two of those looked pretty bad. The telephoto shot of the church is so bad its akin to cameraphone quality optics.


    Send it back, get another one, re-review. Or maybe just de-grease the lens?


    BTW How the hell do you guys get away with photographing police vehicles and officers!? Albeit an extreme close up in this case. "You're knicked, terrorists!"

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Agree with Stu

    Either the lens is spectacularly dirty for the cathedral shots, there's condensation inside the camera, or that lens is dismal. None of those options are overly reassuring.

    That said a bit of wide radius USM perks them up appreciably, as you might expect.

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