back to article Google data center takes leak on God's green earth

Google is under investigation by the US Environmental Protection Agency after one of its data centers allegedly leaked refrigerant onto God's green earth. The Mountain View Chocolate Factory admitted the investigation in its latest quarterly SEC filing. But it was careful to lay the blame on DoubleClick, the giant advertising …


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  1. Camilla Smythe

    I'd be inclined for

    The AntiPodians ? to class action them for it. I'm being serious here.

    If they want to go lah lah lah lah lah $100,000 not a worry. Perhaps they might care to explain what it was that got leaked, where it all ends up and who gets the hole in the Ozone and cancer for kids?

    It was someone elses fault? Like you did not do 'due diligence'. Hey, news, you bought it you own it.

    I saw this on CNN stock bollocks or some such and the people delivering the 'news' were dripping reproductive cells all over the place over how someone else had made a tidy shitload over the rise.

    One thing I don't understand is why CitiCorp or whatever it was got a stress test and was found to be needing $5billion investment to survive so its share price jumped from $1 to $4.

    What's that all about then?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Boiled goat, anyone?

    Sorry, it had to be said

  3. Jay

    I say Fsck em!

    I love google as much as the next guy but hey fsck you, If you can't keep your systems safe you deserve to be hacked.

  4. Richard Silver badge

    So they leaked some refrigerant?

    Ok, it's nasty stuff - but anybody else with an aircon unit could have the same thing happen, and it wouldn't be news.

    But it's not news unless/until the result of the EPA investigation gets known - they'll either be told 'Don't do it again', or fined and told 'Don't do it again'.

    Google is simply bound by law to disclose that it's being investigated so shareholders and dealers can take it into account when buying/selling shares.

    The leak itself might have been news - shame on you for missing it!

  5. Adam Foxton


    They're not saying "It wasn't me!", they're saying "Hey, it was us, fair enough. But it wasn't our own-designed datacenters that leaked". Just trying to maintain faith in their own engineers' abilities to Do No [environmental] Evil and to actually do things right.

    And doesn't Due Dilligence have some sort of limits? I mean checking that every O-Ring in a cooling system is good for another few years would probably be a bit excessive- they probably just checked that they weren't leaking at the time of the test and that there wasn't any duct-taped pipe/fittings. When you buy a car do you check that the piston rings are of the best design? Or dismantle the brakes and rebuild them with new seals "just in case"?

    Plus, modern refrigerants are nowhere near as ozone-destroying as the older CFC based ones. And unless it was a seriously huge datacenter even the most CFC-heavy datacenter leak couldn't dent the Ozone layer.

  6. Edward Miles


    "In accordance with SEC rules, Google has noted that the EPA probe could lead to fines of $100,000 or more. "

    So that's what? About 10 minutes earnings for them?

  7. pctechxp

    If Google needs to relieve itself of some cash

    I'd be happy to take it off their hands.

    Seriously though, you'd have thought they would have have sent in surveyors to look at the fabric of the buildings they were acquiring wouldn't you?

    Maybe they thought the Google motto of 'don't be evil' would rub off on the new infrastructure so they didn't bother?

    Let's hope Google doesn't acquire any nuclear power plants in the coming years to power its sprawling data centre empire eh?

  8. Scott Mckenzie

    10 minutes earnings $100,000

    Err... i'd imagine that's well wide of the mark as it's probably more like 10 nanoseconds earnings for them!

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