back to article Google confirms FTC probe over Apple ties

Google has confirmed reports that the US Federal Trade Commission is looking into whether overlapping board seats between Google and Apple are somehow stifling market competition. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said today that he has no intention of resigning from Apple's board in light of …


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  1. Jimbo


    Google's Code of Conduct says dont be evil ... yeah right maybe 8 years ago

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Don't be silly..In no way is Google doing Evil...

    Granted, they may fund a browser who comptetes with their biggest rival. The browser company then goes on to complain about monopolies....

    Ok, so they may force companies to buy adverts off them to protect their copyrights from misuse...

    Ok, so they may be accused of infringing privacy every now and again..

    And they my have a attitude of take first, pay later....

    But evil...surely not.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Google might be evil...

    ...but what has their book scanning got to do with any shared monopoly they might have with Apple?!?

  4. DZ-Jay

    Re: Google might be evil...

    The article was just pointing out that Google is currently under inverstigation for other concerns, implying that the FTC investigation is not the first time Google is under the microscope of the government.


This topic is closed for new posts.

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