back to article Dell hunting M&A guru

Boy, this sounds like a fun job. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that PC and server maker Dell is looking for a merger and acquisition expert to help it save Michael Dell's reputation spend some of the company's $7bn in net cash on acquisitions to bolster its business. The WSJ report is a bit thin, with the usual "people …


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  1. sleepy

    When all else fails . . .

    . . . . do a big merger and hope to keep the accounting confusion going for another year or two.

    Borrowing lots of money (half a billion last month)? SEC accounting investigation still ongoing? $12B of shares issued on 28 Dec 2006 that aren't included in shares outstanding? Crooked E in the logo, just like Enron? More cash extracted by insiders than the entire all-time profits (it's been turned into "treasury stock" on the balance sheet). It's probably nothing - silly me. I just thought for a moment there that Dell looked like a company that's been trying for several years to pretend that it's not closing down.

    IMO it's much more likely Dell will try to sell the PC business to Acer, and try to retain a profitable server and services division.

  2. James O'Brien
    Thumb Down

    Say what????

    Dell and Acer being a PC powerhouse? Umm no thank you I dont want crap product (Acer) with equally crap support (Dell).

    That is all

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