back to article Skinn-Eee Asus out next week

Asus' MacBook Air-style Eee PC 1008HA - aka Seashell - goes on sale in the UK next week, the company said today. Asus Eee 1008HA Asus' 1008HA: skin-eee This 10in "user-centric blend of timeless design and effortless mobility" - and there were we thinking it was just a netbook - weighs just 1.1kg and is no more than an inch …


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  1. Andy

    You'd have to be keen.

    Not that thin and rather underpowered, all that an £379 to pay too.....

  2. Richard

    Nice ... but ..

    Make it under £300 and it will fly off the shelves ... at £380 and people will be waiting to see what else comes out that's cheaper and similar.

    The "small, cheap" genre is being pushed quite a bit here and it will be interesting to see the breakdown of where the sweet point is for both buyers and vendors ... what's the average selling price and what's the average spec being bought? (yeah and it will be Windows XP as the OS as MS have done their usual "give away pricing" to lock the vendors in).

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bloody Apple

    this is going to be just like when they brought out the iPod Shuffle and it made everyone think it was okay to make an MP3 player without a screen. It bloody isn't. just like it's not okay to make a laptop or a phone without a user-removable battery.

  4. Trevor Watt

    I'm tempted.

    Only drawback is the non-removable battery, that is putting me right off.... I guess that is one of the trade-offs for such a small form factor though.

  5. Haku

    Whut? no beach girl?

    I'd almost be tempted to get one because of the size/weight but the price is almost double what I paid for my original Eee 701 & this Eee 900, plus the non-removable battery is a no-no.

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  7. Simon B

    None user replacable battery? definitely a mac product!!

    None user replacable battery? yep, definitely a mac product!!

  8. Robin Kinge


    Is. She?

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  10. Big Bear

    @Nathan Hobbs

    Anyone who opens the machine?

    Having seen sparks and smoke from the RAM fittings when duncehead here forgot to pop the battery out, I can assure you that I will NEVER forget to do that again! Each of my machines gets cracked open to a greater or lesser extent at least twice a year to give the innards a good blast of compressed air and get the dust out of the fan enclosures and heat sinks. And besides, I like to have the “emergency shut down” route for if liquid ends up on the machine…

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Battery Trolls

    Ok, everyone (EVERYONE) I work with uses a laptop as their primary computer. None of them have a 2nd battery. I question whether the huge number of people posting about needing a removable battery have every removed a battery or own a 2nd battery for their current laptop.

    Anyone complaining about the non-removable battery is just a bandwagon-jumping-troll. In the future, it should be required if anyone is going to complain about a non-removable battery, they include a picture of themselves with their current laptop and their extra batteries. Because if I don't see it, I don't believe they swap batteries.

    Based on my rather large sample size: NO ONE swaps out batteries.

  12. Paul

    Wot No Linux option?

    Its a bit of a shame that they're not selling it with an SSD and Linux on it, that would definately be my preferred option... still may get one.

  13. James Hamilton

    Good idea...

    ... if the battery really does deliver 6hrs battery life, surely there won't be much of a reason to swap it out, short of there not being a Starbucks within 100 miles of your location?!

    The point is here - and it's been made about price - is that there must be a sweet point when it comes to battery life.

    I'll put a fiver on it being, er, 8hrs or above...

  14. Alex

    @"Battery Trolls"

    Where as I agree with you that there really isn't a need for "EVERYONE" to need to swap out a battery, I have to admit that both my laptops (one for power, one for small size) have 2nd batteries. I also know of quite a few people that have 2nd batteries. This is probably because we travel a substantial amount, and invariably are not near power outlets, or have time to charge up the laptops when we are near one.

    Hell, I know of one chap that has 4 batteries, but then he is 'old skool' and prefers to have them rather than a connector that plugs into the airplane terminals...

    Again, agree with you, but there some of us that do have secondary batteries (cue Metallica!)

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