back to article AMD to support Intel AVX instructions

Chip designer and erstwhile maker Advanced Micro Devices will support a bunch of Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) instructions, part of the family of extended Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions for x64 chips that Intel announced last year. The move, announced today, will make AMD's Opteron, Athlon, and …


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  1. rlow
    Paris Hilton


    *blink blink* *yawn*. fast math. *yawn* yay. *sleep*

    dreams of Paris

  2. alex d

    You forgot something

    What? No mention that AVX is the underpinning of Larrabee and hence a crossover from GPGPU?

  3. David Simpson

    Althon ?

    Spell check *

    Althon should be Athlon

  4. Dimitri


    Is that paris the city or the spoiled rich annoying blond chick?

  5. Inachu

    SOOOO WHAT!!!!!

    I am more conerned about faster boot times.

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