back to article Apple bans Page 3 from iPhone app

An iPhone newspaper browsing application that saw The Sun banned by Apple because of its Page 3 content could be granted a reprieve - thanks to the impending release of firmware version 3.0. The 59p Newspaper(s) app was approved for sale by Apple last week. It lets iPhone or iPod Touch owners read from a selection of "the 50 …


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  1. John Bayly
    Thumb Down

    Admittedly they're a nice piece of kit*

    but why the hell would anyone be happy with being told what they're allowed to view and install on a product the bought (for a significant sum too).

    I can't wait for the Apple TV, it'll be beautiful, easy to use, and will block out an certified 18 movies and adult channels. News channels will also be blocked so you can't see depressing footage of war zones.

    * And it's taken a while for me to admit that.

  2. Alasdair S


    Page 3 is probably the least offensive thing in that bloody rag!

  3. Jimmy Floyd

    You have the right to arm bears ... or something

    I'm curious: why hasn't some infuriated iPhone developer thrown the relevant amendment (first?) of the US constitution at Apple claiming censorship?

    'Cos T & Cs notwithstanding, that's what it is.

    (Incidentally, you'll only see me with an iPhone hitting it with an ice-hockey stick and claiming I thought it was a puck...)

  4. Charles

    @Jimmy Floyd

    When it comes to children, decency around children, and especially obscenity (not implying Page 3 is obscene, more the former), free speech/press runs into problems. It's the same reason bookstores are allowed to decide not to allow Playboy and the like in their stores and not be railed for free press issues.

  5. jake Silver badge

    @Jimmy Floyd

    "I'm curious: why hasn't some infuriated iPhone developer thrown the relevant amendment (first?) of the US constitution at Apple claiming censorship?"

    Because it's not censorship. Only a government can be a censor. The Sun is still available to anyone who wishes to ... err ... read Page 3.

    On the other hand, I won't purchase anything from a company that thinks it can decide what I am allowed to do. I am an adult, as is anyone capable of entering into a contract (by law). It's not up to Apple (or any other company!) to decide what my daughter might be allowed to do. Rather, as her parents, it's my Wife & I's job. Or was, she's over 18 now. Thank gawd/ess :-)

    On the gripping hand, when the Wife's iPhone contract expires, we're not renewing it. It'll go into the box on the top shelf of the office closet, joining the dozen or so other phones that she's tried over the years. Eyecandy does not equate to usability or usefulness. Our day-to-day phones are nearly 10 year old Nokea 5185s ... Nothing has even come close in usability & durability, to say nothing of battery life.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Repeat after me:

    - Boobies are bad (unless you are minor still suckling on one)

    - Violence and gore and bloodshed is good.

    - Boobies bad.

    - Bloodshed good.

    Makes you a well-adjusted earthling.

    Paris, because I've seen her boobies. Not much to take home, but OK to carry for a little while.

  7. g e

    The 50 best ?

    The Sun. Best.?

    In sales volume maybe. Nothing else.

    They're the dead tree equivalent of Big Brother / Celeb Come Dancing.

    Still... lowest common denominator and all that...

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