back to article Apple and Google fingered in monopoly probe

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating the board of directors of Apple and Google over concerns that close links between the two firms could break US antitrust laws. US law forbids directors from sitting on the boards of competing firms, but Google's chief executive Eric Schmidt also sits on Apple's board of directors. …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Virtual Change you can Really Believe In

    So, the Phoney Federal Real World tries to Stall/Brow Beat the Binary Cached Virtual World into their Compliant Abuse of Regimes which is in Terminal Meltdown. Man, are those Fat Cats Stupid or are those Fat Cats Stupid, whenever the NeuReal Virtual World Orders are their White Knight Damsels in Distress Saviours.

    Wake up and Smell the Java, Honey Money Punters, for that is where the Big Great Game Hunters are Playing and Assembling CodeXXXX for Virtual AIMachinery InfraStructure with Humanised Assets into Programmed and Programmable Protocols.

    And a Expensive and Expansive Glorious Gift from GCHQ ..... and Blighty Boffinry?

  2. Paul Nolan

    If Apple & Google are so close

    Why did they bother releasing Google Desktop for the Mac? Didn't they know that a better system was already built into the OS?

  3. Nick Ryan Silver badge

    Competing on content?

    "They also compete in content - Apple's iTunes and Google's YouTube."

    Erm... I guess this is what happens when the clueless write on technical issues.

    iTunes - store to (primarily) download paid for audio tracks

    YouTube - site where every idiot on the Internet uploads videos of themselves or others doing stupid things or talking about boring things.

  4. Lionel Baden


    exactly what i thought

    itunes is nothing like you tube

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