back to article Zend plugs PHP into Amazon cloud

Zend Technologies has plugged its PHP web development framework into Amazon's cloud. On Friday, the company unveiled version 1.8 of its Zend Framework, and for the first time, users can tap directly into the processing and storage resources offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). "We're allowing PHP developers to utilize Zend …


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  1. Dave Ashe
    Thumb Up

    Just what i was looking for

    Thanks for posting this, great news!

  2. E

    AWS well hidden

    If there is direct support for AWS (S3 and EC2) is ZF1.8 then it is well hidden. The PDF doc only mentions methods of using Amazon 'marketplace' APIs and the tarball itself contains nothing I can see that looks like like S3 or EC2.

  3. E
    Paris Hilton

    Pardon me



    Paris, because clearly I did not look hard enough.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Alternatively... could get some dedicated hosting which will cost you about 2/3s of what Amazon charges.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    @Mr Anonymous

    Dedicated hosting?

    Run your own cloud on eucalyptus, yes my friend and use this framework :-)

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