back to article Video iPhone coming in June?

Apple is on the cusp of unveiling a third-generation iPhone which, it has been claimed, will sport a strong focus on video features. A source said to be familiar with Apple’s plans for the next iPhone has told a Business Week reporter that the device will be as easy to shoot video with as it is on the Flip pocket camcorder. …


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  1. D@v3

    not even slightly surprised

    Ever since OS3 was announced i have been expecting something along the lines of this

  2. Greg

    They'll need a better camera then

    The current one is shite.

  3. Rob

    Rubbish claim

    I don't care what mobile phone you have, whether it's got a amazing UI or not, I severely doubt the claim you can edit video on it with any type of competency.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    New Camera

    For me, a 30fps video-capable camera with a lens on the end as per the headphone jack would be perfect.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Lazy Journalists

    Come on, do some research. The conference is from 8 to 12 June 2009.

    So if you can do video, has the poor camera been upgraded (particulary the lens)?

    El Reg is becoming like Digg - feeding off other people's news and not adding much value.

  6. Player_16
    Paris Hilton


    I don't know.... What should I say? It's possible... They're usually fish-assed tight! ...Maybeee...? I may put a $ on it... It's what I heard. ...but it could be what I ate.

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    Higher resolution stills and a zoom would be a welcome addition too!

  8. James

    Why is this newsworthy


    Phone records video! It's been done for years.

  9. ian
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    This is just another disturbing/disgusting rumour. Nothing I've read about iPhone 3.0 makes it desirable to me. Just the opposite: these predicted applications are nothing but bloatware.

  10. Mad Hacker
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    Put my MinoHD purchase on hold

    Seriously I was about to lay down money for a MinoHD, but if the iPhone can do it , man, that makes the iPhone a much better value proposition.

    Now it just needs an external microphone jack and a tripod mount. I bet the headphone jack would work as a Mic jack. Tripod mount might be a bit tougher.

  11. martinX
    Jobs Halo

    Video calls

    But will it make video calls yet. That is the one feature I'm waiting for. Yes, I'll probably never use it but I want it anyway.

  12. Mad Hacker

    Do any phones in the US make video calls?

    Video calls seem to be a common feature in Europe/UK but man, I haven't seen any phones in the US support video calls.

  13. stizzleswick

    Video? On a cellphone?

    The ways of madness seem endless. As (amongst other things) a professional video editor, I can vividly imagine the faces of those trying to render their final cuts on a PDA w/phone functionality. Estimated finishing time: 2.584 hours. Estimated remaining battery life: 2 hours. For video editing to make sense, you'd need a Cell CPU, not a cell phone.

    For those demanding zoom lenses on the iPhone: I don't think the people at Apple are going to make that particular mistake. One of the clear design advantages of the iPhone is that it has practically nothing mechanical in it that can turn sour on the user (like e.g. mechanical keyboards that just love the taste of coffee, battery doors that fly off when you cough, zoom lenses that love to get stuck if the phone gets bumped around a little, stuff like that). For the record, yes, the camera they build into the iPhone is not a good camera. But you know what? It's not supposed to make really good pictures. To do that, you buy a DSLR, not a PDA. I use the iPhone's camera to take pix of the whiteboards after brainstorming sessions (so I don't have to take notes), and it's more than good enough for that.

    And I know there are a lot of people out there who think that more megapixels = better pictures. Wrong. If you want better pictures, you need a better CCD (not necessarily a larger one) and most and foremost and utterly totally most a better lens. As in, one that is large enough to allow some light through. To be consequent, a lens that would allow halfway good pictures to be taken with any CCD currently built-in in any cellphone it would probably be quite a bit larger than the cellphone itself. So quit jabbering about how you would like a "better" camera in a cellphone. Far better would be a phone without any camera, and just for the heck of it they could chuck in an entry-level bridge camera when you buy the phone so that you can take reasonable pix.


  14. Steve

    @ mad hacker

    The difference is, in Europe we have more bus and rail networks. The sight of grown men and women on the train shouting at their clamshells was enough to put anyone off.

    bleeding edge of technology? *yawn*

  15. Rich


    I'm so bored of iphone v.3 rumours... I think its best just to wait for it to arrive, then we'll all know for sure. We shouldn't be caught up in the rumour mill, clearly all sent out by apple themselves anyway.

  16. Anonymous Coward


    Hi, not much to ask for a higher res eg 3/5mp sensor, digital 3x zoom and flash/YouTube res short moving picture sequences with sound.

    My n95 did all that...

    While I don't care to use iPhone to record / edit the next harry potter I do miss capturing the atmosphere at events, concerts etc in short video sequences.

    Video calls would be nice but you'd have to use wifi as 3g is way too limited...

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The best camera is the one you have with you

    I'll be all over an iPhone with a better camera. I'm not a camerophile - I just don't want to have to tote around my old 3.2Mpixel camera. An iPhone with a 3.2Mpixel camera would probably still have a worse CCD, no flash and no zoom, but the best camera is the one you have with you.

    I'll miss the zoom the most I think, but as an English magazine (Viz?) once said "Save money on expensive zoom lenses by standing closer to the object you want to photograph."

  18. Jay
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    Still not getting one...

    ...until you can get it SIM free and with no need to jailbreak it to get all the features.

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