back to article Solaris 11 due mid-2010

The number and gee-whizness of features Sun Microsystems is putting into updates to both the Solaris 10 commercial operating system and the related OpenSolaris development release of Solaris are slowing. That's the best indication that Nevada - the code name for Solaris Next or Solaris 11 or whatever you want to call it - is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Best OS on the planet

    What ever you think of the hardware, the pony tail, the repeated losses etc. Sun have got the whole OS thing nailed. Solaris 10 is what Linux wants to be when it grows up, what Microsoft can never build, and what HP and IBM could achieve.. given another 5-10 years.

    We replaced all our Redhat based customer facing boxes with S10 about 9 months ago and never looked back. Rock solid, and does exactly what it says on the tin and it's cheaper. Looks like the new version will bring support for separate ZIL devices (HDD or SSD) as with OpenSolaris, but no CIFS it seems.. yet, pity.

    I just hope Oracle give Solaris the resouces it deserves and dump Unworkable Linux in favour of S10.

    Solaris is just great software engineering .... period.

    Oh and Matt ... stick another record on, tiresome isn't the word.

  2. klarien masters

    eeerrr details please ???

    "Many of the features that Sun talked about in an interview are not in this document, so it's by no means a comprehensive release note."..... eeerrr details please ???

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Expect Solaris 11 to be EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE

    Oracle is going to push out Solaris 11 with a big price tag and increase all prior versions maintenance fees about 200%.

    No wonder Fujitsu just moved their chips to Taiwan TSMC.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    @ AC

    Yup, Solaris 10 rocks :)

    As for RHELL:

  5. Captain Thyratron

    Looking forward to downloading that.

    Solaris a solid system atop a solid kernel. I sure hope it stays around, because Linux keeps finding new ways to disappoint me (whereas I've only ever had Solaris break due to flagrant hardware failure--and, even then, that hasn't always been enough to kill it).

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Can you imagine what Oracle will do with Solaris ?

  7. Greg

    Ummm... TSMC is a replacement for TI, not Sun.

    Umm... Aren't the newer SPARC chips being produced by TI because they can do a 45nm process and TI can't?

    Also, can we stick to known facts? Oracle haven't indicated what they are going to do in terms of pricing of Sun products going forward. At least I haven't seen anything yet... I'd be happty to be corrected...

    I suppose that the pricing model you put forward would be one way to kill the server and OS business that they are forking out a lot of money for. Make it so expensive that everyone thinks AIX is a bargain. ;-)

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Expect endless unsubstantiated rumors regarding Solaris. It will still be downloadable for free just as it has been for years.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Solaris 11 will be irrelevant

    Solaris 11 which I'm sure will be another find update to Solaris is irrelevant. My favorite UNIX variant was IRIX but as a big fan of SGI, I couldn't justify going with IRIX about 8-10 years ago. I see the same thing happening with Solaris.

    As a UNIX Admin that works with Solaris, I really can't justify staying with Solaris. Yes, Solaris has some cool tools like DTrace and ZFS but not enough to convince most to stay with the uncertain future and lets not forget slower hardware (were are you ROCK) . And no, I don't think Oracle will do much to stop the migration of Solaris to other OS's. Again, just like IRIX, the writing is on the wall so my best bet is to go w/ AIX, Linux, or HP-UX (not a fan of the Intanium chip though and wish they stuck with the the PA-RISC chip). I suppose another alternative (dare I say it) is Windows ... need to wash my mouth out with soap now, yeck!!

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Rock / Solaris 11 in synch

    "The expectation - and undoubtedly the desire of Sun - is to get the launch of Solaris 11 and its Rock 16-core UltraSparc-RK processors into synch."

    Why? This is not IBM, where AIX is inflexible and has to be in synch with POWER.

    Solaris 10 will run on Rock. And if you want the newest features you can run OpenSolaris on it.

    If Rock would require Solaris 11, there would be no Solaris 11 certified enterprise apps available.

    ...taking a Rock out of his pocket in autumn.

  11. Kevin Hutchinson
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    Medium-to-long term, the biggest competition to Solaris will come from Ubuntu. It runs on Sparc too, and is already "cloud-friendly". Competition is a good thing - it'll push them both to the max. Oracle will push Solaris hard so it can sell database appliances incorporating ZFS, SSD, etc. It'll probably create nicely tuned Solaris Oracle database AMIs on Amazon's cloud too. Looks good for everyone.

    PS How come almost everyone posts as AC? No tienes huevos?

  12. Anonymous Coward

    ROCK's demise does not matter

    NiagaraIII has been chosen to replace ROCK. It is 16 cores vs. Rocks 16 mini cores and does not require the introduction of another product line in a already large portfolio of products.

    Thanks for nothing Tremblay.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Kevin Hutchinson

    >How come almost everyone posts as AC

    Probably because we're all at work and don't want to make it clear to our bosses that whenever we get a little bored of whatever they've given us to do we read el reg or the latest BBC news (bring on the sniffles pandemic!)

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Why all the AC posts?

    Not sure about anyone else but my boss likes El Reg too and he thinks I working all the time!

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Kevin re: Ubuntu


    Also, Ubuntu _ran_ on SPARC. It's since been dropped as a platform, with Wind River Linux now handling it through their distro.

    If you still think Ubuntu should even be mentioned in the same sentence as Solaris, then you should have a look at Nexanta:

    Has the capabilty to run Ubuntu within a Solaris Branded Zone as well, apparently.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Solaris fee's and migrations.

    Well, I can't imagine Oracle wanting a licence fee stopping take up of Solaris 11. If you ever wanted a way to stop developers trying there hand on enterprise unix what better way than to restrict it's distribution with a fat licence fee.

    Allowing downloads for free and offering good support for a fee so that you make money no matter where it's installed seems a more sensible option and one that has to be followed (as that's what Linux offers by default)

    As for "Oracle can't stop migration to another OS" was it not noticed that Oracle & Sun were having a mini-war for a few years. Oracle punished Sun with less than favourable licence multipliers on T2 CPU cores, I'd expect that model to become fairer from now on, shifting from per socket to per core.

    Sun went the multi-core route much quicker than other vendors and got stung for it. 16 core technology would be a belter for overall system performance, core to core transfers through a large L3 cache but could be punishing if Oracle want to keep with per core multipliers.

    I'd expect Oracle to want to stimulate sales, not strangle them so that has to change.

    Anyway, where's Matt?? Unless he's the mistery poster spreading licencing fee fud...

    (AC as my team leader & other management read El Reg)

  17. David Halko

    Solaris and the Future

    Anonymous suggests, "Solaris has some cool tools like DTrace and ZFS but not enough to convince most to stay with the uncertain future and lets not forget slower hardware"

    Solaris runs on all the relevant platforms: Intel, AMD, SPARC64, CoolThreads. As an open source project, there are even people interested enough to run Solaris on Power architecture.

    Without Solaris, SUN (and later Oracle, perhaps) will stop the SPARC revenue stream (SPARC CoolThreads is continuing to grow as a revenue stream in SUN.)

    There is absolutely no uncertainty in the market for Solaris, for the next half decade at least, because the market knows what later releases of Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 looks like already.

    klarien masters posts, "eeerrr details please ???"

    We already know what Solaris 11 will have in it - this is called OpenSolaris. Just watch the active projects and their progression. I am really looking forward to Solaris CIFS and it's continued integration into ZFS and Solaris!!!

  18. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Dear Sunshiners.....

    This is the part of the article you really need to focus on, before you start all your usual Sunshine about how nothing is going to change, all the old Sun bits that were making a loss at Sun will miraculously manage to survive the purchase by Larry's profit machine, etc, etc. Read it carefully this time, and try and actually comprehend what it says - you may need to remove your Sunshiner Blindfold™ temporarily for that, though:

    ".....So until this deal is done - or undone - it is hard to say when any Sun product, be it hardware or software, will appear....."

    Oh - looks like I was a bit late pointing that out to stop your bleating on again. How do you lot carry on so vocally when you still have both feet still so firmly in your gobs from the "only Solaris on SPARC" howler, or that UltraSPARC V was going to kill Itanium? How about some of that old bravado about how Sun would never need to resell x86/x64, or partner with M$? And let's not forget my all time fave, courtesy of Ponytail himself: “Also, let me be really clear about our Linux strategy. We don't have one. We don't at all. We do not believe that Linux plays a role on the server. Period."

    /I have a sneaky suspicion that actually, Ellison is just a fan of loon comedy, and only bought Sun so he too could keep laughing and pointing at the Sunshiners....

  19. Anonymous Coward
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    Matt Bryant can't figure out who has authority

    Timothy Prickett Morgan writes, ".....So until this deal is done - or undone - it is hard to say when any Sun product, be it hardware or software, will appear....."

    Matt Bryant posts, "Read it carefully this time, and try and actually comprehend what it says..."

    Timothy Prickett Morgan is a reasonable writer, but his words do not have authority over Sun Microsystems and whether something will happen or not happen. Unless there is an announcement, things will continue as normal.

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