back to article Fujitsu LifeBook P8020

Hot on the heels of Sony's Vaio TT and the Toshiba Portégé R600, Fujitsu's LifeBook P8020 is a similarly small and light affair looking to tempt business types away from the likes of Lenovo and Dell. Netbook fans will yet again baulk at high price tag, but there's clearly still a market for premium ultra-portable laptops …


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  1. Nick Palmer
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    Words like...

    ...ugly, boring and overpriced leap to mind all unbidden...

  2. Mick F
    Jobs Horns


    I have seen thinner, less bulky desktop machines. They make such butt-ugly kit.

    Should really need to consider changing the design team or coming out of the bunker and looking at what the opposition is selling.

    Evil Jobs - he's a twat.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Rival to the Sony VAIO TT???

    This machine is priced in a market alongside the two style icons of the laptop market - the VAIO TT and the MacBook Pro - it's hard to see why anyone would choose the Fujitsu. Hell, even Dell's latest consumer laptops are more attractive.

    In terms of size, if you want a small screened laptop I guess this compares with the TT, but that's about it. The bottom of this machine looks thicker than the whole of the TT and as for the styling - well there isn't any. And is that really a VGA out on premium-priced laptop???

    As for the MBP, Apple's specs are better, and well - let's face it, it's the best looking laptop out there.

    I'd go for a Dell over this thing and pocket the difference.

  4. Matt
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    Dont they look at the competition??

    The Sony TT is a beautiful bit of kit (Although Ive only used the older TX) the Tosh isnt as pretty, but it looks flash, this just looks gash!

    every angle of the TT looks designed, ultra thin screen, funky battery, nice keyboard...

    to the type of person buying these machines, aesthetics are a major part... Boardroom Kudos is more important than battery life or speed (which the Fudge-itsu seems to trail on too!)

    the reviewfinder panel happens to show both machines... :) the Vaio just oozes class, where the lifebook just looks like a 5 yearold budget offering!

    my verdict - crap!!

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    Ye frickin' gods ...

    ... my first thoughts were "Jesus Christ, that's fugly", even before I looked at the price tag. It actually looks like the old ThinkPad that was my first laptop many, many moons ago. Except that the ThinkPad was probably a bit more svelte than this brick.

    Good call with the 'glossy' finish too - I've recently acquired a Dell Studio desktop with a similar glossy black finish and, sure as eggs is eggs, it's a magnet for dust, fingermarks etc.

    At this price point, it'd be MacBook Pro FTW (SWMBO has an aluminium MBP and, apart from the horrible Spectrum-esque keyboard, it is a very *very* nice machine)

  6. Andy
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    How much?

    Some kind of joke?

  7. s
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    Total Failure

    So low powered chips (CPU and GPU), poor res screen, chunky build and tacky plastic now equal premium price?

    Nearly 1800 and no BluRay?

    Wow... What a wasted opportunity for them.

  8. Patrick


    I have a Philips freevents X67, which is really a twinhead f11y.

    Core duo u2400 @ 1.06ghz

    2gb ddr 667mhz

    11.1" glossy TFT 1366*768

    DVD rewriter

    Did have Vista Home Pre now got legal Xp Home

    120gb sata HD

    Cost new £850

    looks loads better than this fuji netbook come decent laptop

    But no bluetooth or finger print reader.

    I only paid £240+£25 to re'cell the battery.

    only 1.6kg plus 400g for mains cable. but still over a grand cheaper

  9. Steven Raith
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    Anbd if it's anything like any other Fujitsu....'ll fall apart after three months daily use.

    Also, that looks truly dreadful. Alll the innate style of a house brick.

    Steven R

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