back to article Palm's Pré: the $170 phone

The Pré smartphone could cost just $30 (£20/€23) more to buy that it actually costs Palm to make, according to a report by market analyst iSuppli. iSuppli forecasts that the phone will sell for roughly $200 (£135/€150) when it eventually comes to market. That’s despite a cost analysis calculating that that each unit will cost …


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  1. Danny Thompson

    Thats always supposing ...

    ... that Palm survive long enough to actually bring the Pre to market!

  2. Teoh Han Hui


    I'll be sure to buy one if it's going to be around that price without a contract.

  3. Danger Mouse


    If they do the same sort of deal as apple did with AT&T and O2 then they'll have to set a minimum price to retail unlocked units, so expect to pay around £400-£450 for one without contract.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    when sites report this data and don't mention that it excludes R&D, advertising, etc etc etc, because most people are so dumb they don't realise that's a factor.

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