back to article Security researchers fret over Adobe PDF flaw

Adobe has warned that its Reader and Acrobat PDF software is vulnerable to an unpatched vulnerability. A pair of flaws in the JavaScript functions of the PDF reading application are behind the problem, prompting Adobe to advise surfers to disable JavaScript as a workaround, pending the availability of a patch. Even after a …


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  1. Dale

    Why Javascript

    Why does a PDF reader need to be able to run Javascript? To drive upgrades?

  2. Christopher Ahrens

    Surprise surprise....

    Flaws in Adobe software, say it ain't so!

  3. Grecs

    No Scripting for You

    Like I said on another post reporting the same thing ... "Scripting just needs to be off by default with a whitelist of known good sites. Users can then customize the whitelist to their own needs ... sort of like NoScript ... except I don't think NoScript works for Adobe products." I'd like to add that maybe alternative readers could also help - e.g., FoxIt. A little bit of variety makes it a little harder to get mass 0wnage at least.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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