back to article Windows 7 might rock up in 2009, says MS veep

A senior Microsoft wonk has hinted that Windows 7 could hit the shelves in time for Christmas. MS veep Bill Veghte said in an interview with Bloomberg earlier this week that “a holiday release is accomplishable.” However, he declined to comment on whether Vista’s successor could in fact go on sale any earlier. Some analysts …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Really, that soon?... I can hardly wait to not `upgrade`.

    Windows 7? How utterly derpressing and dull. There must be something more interesting happening....oh look, a wall, with a fresh coat of paint, drying. How lovely.

  2. fluffels
    Gates Horns

    Polishing the Turd Part II: Return of the Polisher

    So I guess Windows 7 will be even less 'finished' than Vista?

  3. Robert E A Harvey
    Gates Horns

    @fluffels adding knobs

    Since W7 is just vista-with-knobs-on it can be released as soon as there are enough shiny new knobs available. Any time really.

    The driver model is undisturbed vista, and the rest of it is windowdressing.

    Meanwhile Ubuntu 9.04 installed itself over 8.10 when I told it to and everything works perfectly.

  4. Hedley Phillips

    FOR SALE: Turd Polisher (parts or repair)

    Our company is selling some of its equipment as the latest project is nearing completion and we no longer have any need for it.

    This 3 phase Turd Polisher has been well used and can only really be sold for spares or repair.

    It is a professional product (unlike some of the items it polishes) and can take a steaming pile of poo and make it a shiny piece of poo.

    Unfortunately it is not good enough to insert useful features into the poo and therefore just churns out the same old shi... poo as it always has. But, I must admit our marketing department has been working hard and managed to sell quite a few units despite there being no real reason to upgrade.

  5. Matt

    @Robert E A Harvey and fluffels

    Since when has a linux distro release been comparable to a Windows (or even OS X) release? Go check through the actual changes between distros and what's actually being updated. Sure the window manager is polished up, and they'll have rejigged the installation a bit, plus some changes to the control panel equivalents.

    There'll have been next to no changes in the underlying X-Windows (or variant), minor tweaks to the kernel, nothing but bugfixes in most of the modules you'll be loading.

    Why wouldn't such a cosmetic change install right over the top of another version?

    You can argue that it only needs these realativley minor changes because its already stable and usable. Fair enough, but that just justifies that the distro releases are nothing more than window dressing + Service packs.

    When was the last significant evolutionary or revolutionary idea added to a linux distro? And I don't mean in terms of changing the desktop experience, but in terms of changing the linux experience?

    That last question isn't rhetorical, I'm not sure what the answer is. I'm hopeful someone, or even an reg article to the effect, will inform us.

  6. Ian Ferguson
    Gates Horns

    Continuous updates

    This is surely the last version of Windows that will be released as a 'new version'. As everyone repetitively points out, the two main desktop competitors Ubuntu and OSX dripfeed customers with incremental upgrades; and it seems people like it.

    Given the similarities between Windows 7 and Vista, an upgrade update would have been more suitable. Quite frankly, Windows 7 seems more like Service Patch 3 for Vista, except that as well as adding capabilities they seem to have trimmed the fat.

  7. Andrew
    Gates Horns

    @ Robert E A

    "Since W7 is just vista-with-knobs-on..."

    I thought the whole spin around Windows 7 is that it's actually Vista with a number of the knobs removed??

  8. Anonymous Coward


    ... is boring, go away!

  9. Robert Moore
    Gates Horns

    Call it what it is.

    Windows 7 is Vista with Service pack 2

    All praise be unto St. Jobs.

  10. James Loughner

    When Windows can do this I may think about it

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Andrew

    "I thought the whole spin around Windows 7 is that it's actually Vista with a number of the knobs removed??"

    Okay, thanks for the correct - I'm sure someone said that Win7 was Vista with:

    a. the knobs they forgot about shipped; and

    b. the ones that fell off in the meantime hot-glue'd back in place.

    And before some idiot says "oh you should have used Ubuntu" - the 8.10 release was bleedin' nightmare to install, I tried four different install disks before finding one that managed to install with the text installer. Some garbage about the disk being damaged despite the disk validation passing everytime. Never had this kind of issue with 8.04

    That said, nice to see that 9.04 went on my netbook with no such complaints (other than selecting US keyboard for some inexplicable reason). Maybe I need to stick to x.04 releases. :)

    Isn't choice wonderful...

  12. Chris

    Is this the same...

    ...ready for Christmas as Vista was? i.e. released to the public in January!

    Surely we all know that MS is not to be believed on *any* release date until the product is actually on the shelves.

  13. N Silver badge

    Vista SP 2.0

    A well polished turd!

  14. Anonymous Coward

    has knobs removed...

    no - the knobs are still buying it

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