back to article Acer DX900 dual-SIM Windows smartphone

Over the past few years, Taiwanese smartphone maker E-Ten managed to carve out a small but decent business making reasonably cheap Windows devices under its Glofiish brand. Last year, it was gobbled up by Acer to, in effect, become the giant's mobile phone division. Now we have the first fruit of the union: the dual-SIM Acer …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    £400 for a moby ?

    You're 'avin' a larf, mate !

  2. Tim Wolfe-Barry
    Thumb Up

    There USED to be an alternative...

    to having 2 SIMs.

    Orange used to offer something called Line2. I have it on my SE C902 and it works very well. Basically 2 numbers, billed separately, on a single SIM. The phone allows you to choose which number to call from.

    Sadly they seem to have stopped offering it now, or at least it's a pain to get hold of anyone there who knows about it.

    I may never upgrade my phone again unless I can keep this...

  3. David Thorn

    What about receiving calls?

    Are both radios active simultaneously? What happens when a call is received - do you see which MSISDN was called to know if it was for your work or personal number? Ditto for SMS....

  4. Claus P. Nielsen

    Can you receive calls on both numbers simultaneously?

    It has been a while since I looked at this type of phones.

    The old problem used to be that while you can switch between the 2 SIM's rather easily when you are making the call yourself, the situation is different when somebody else is calling you, since the phone could only monitor one network at a time.

    Has this been improved on this phone, so that you can now receive a call on your private subscription while browsing the web using your company SIM?

  5. John Chadwick

    A great idea, although....

    There used to be a thing you could put in your Nokia 6310i to allow it to use two sims, nowhere near as slick though.

    Please can we have it on our iPhones now! In-fact why has it taken this long for someone to actually realise that most of us don't want to carry two mobiles, but want to split work and play.

  6. Edwin

    Almost, but not quite...

    Hitting the 'call' button defaults to using Sim1

    *SO* close to implementing LCR (Least-cost routing)

    It's the ONLY thing that would make this phone an absolute killer in the enterprise space. Having the phone automatically pick your German SIM when you're in Germany and your British SIM when you're in the UK and the German SIM when calling Germans from China and and and....

    Oh well, maybe next time.

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  8. Al Taylor

    @ Claus

    Fair question - the first call to a SIM rings through as normal while the second call to the other SIM rings until picked up or if unanswered/rejected is sent to voicemail. As far as the DX900 user is concerned it's just like getting two incoming calls on the same number, so swapping back and forth puts the other caller on hold. Each received sms message in the log is shown as having come via either SIM 1 or 2, if you simply hit "reply" then the return message goes out via the same SIM as the initial message came in on. The screen also shows which SIM a call is coming in via. So as far as we could gather both cellular radios are "always on".

  9. Dex


    2.5mm jack? 3.5mm surely?

  10. Al Taylor


    The audio jack on our handset was most certainly 2.5mm.

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