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After four and a half years, Wacom has finally updated its professional-class Intuos graphics tablets. About bloody time! The company has clearly been enjoying itself far too much during this period producing inexpensive but cool and clever tablets for the home-user market, such as the frankly fabulous Bamboo range. Now, the …


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  1. Jan Silver badge


    ´nuff said.

  2. ran93r

    Shiny but..

    Still using my ten year old A4 intuos (1) and shinies aside, see no reason to upgrade.

    Still does exactly what it says on the, er, tin?

  3. blackworx

    Schoolboy sniggering

    Touch ring, bwaaaahahaha

  4. Jason Scrutton
    Thumb Up

    Me want...

    I have an old (13 years+) Wacom ADB tablet which i use with an USB adaptor, and it STILL works fine.

  5. Adam T


    Honestly I'd expected loads more than a flipping LED display, OLED or not who cares.

    They're missing the boat by not improving upon, and lowering the prices, design and bulk of their Cintiq models.

    Maybe that's to come, but if these things are still £400 then I can't see the prices of Cintiqs coming down.

    So much for Moor's Law eh.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    A4 intuos 1... a meer babe in arms compared to the Digitizer II 12x12 I still scribble on occasionally (I aquired it in 1999 and it had already seen plenty of action before that)... Same reason as you though, works perfectly well for what I need so don't see a need to 'upgrade'...

  7. Rowan Moore

    The only graphic tablet worth buying...

    is a OLED tablet, not just the buttons, but the scribing area as well.

    I want to draw on the tablet and see what I draw appearing under the stylus, not just on some monitor 3 feet away from me. I want tool menus etc. to appear on it so I can change my tools, create masks, flip between layers et al, all directly under my stylus.

    When they sell one of these, I'll get one.

    And no I don't want a tablet pc.

  8. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge

    @Adam T

    and how exactly Moore's Law would apply to tablets? They aren't exactly built of computer chips.

  9. David Franks

    Moore's law...

    Rowan Moore needs to check my Wacom 21" Cintiq.

    It does all that he asks... but isn't OLED, I spose. I wouldn't be without mine!

  10. Rowan Moore


    Nice........ My wallet's not that fat though.

    Thanks for the tip - I'll keep me eyes open in future.

  11. Another Anonymous Coward

    OLEDs are neat, but...

    Would be better if they had integrated it into/ behind the key rather than having it next to it.

    I'm using a Cintiq 12wx at the moment, don't expect or want to have to replace it for another 5+ years.

    For those complaining about price - you get what you pay for. I'm glad wacom's business model relies on high margins and low sales rather than making cheap tat that breaks down, meaning that you have to buy a new one.

    These things are highly reliable, I know someone who has a still-working 1995 model that's seen constant daily use since it was bought. The only thing that has finally made it obselete is the fact that modern computers don't have serial ports. :P

This topic is closed for new posts.

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