back to article NASA micro-satellite eyes space bacteria

NASA is preparing to launch a tiny satellite loaded with yeast and anti-fungal drugs early next month in order to better understand how bacteria becomes nastier in space. The nanosatellite, known as PharmaSat, is only about the size of a loaf of bread and will hitch a ride as a secondary payload aboard a US Air Force Minotaur …


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  1. Chris

    Nothing could possibly go wrong with that!

    Didn't any of those idiots ever see The Andromeda Strain?

  2. Nexox Enigma

    Yost likes his Yeast, eh?

    Alright, that's all I really had to say.

  3. Glauro Campello

    They never get tired of to play God! Hope they will pay for their stupidity

    Man will destroi itselfe due to its own curiosity.

    They sai that: Crab has lost its head, because of its curiosity!

    How stupid this people are. Thinking that because they are scientists, PhDs, etc, they can do anything and go as far as they want to, putting the entire world in the line of fire.

    I wonder why they didn't made this experiment in the Space Station? Scared about the result? Not sure about what they are going into?

    May God (whereve God) have mercy of our soul!!

  4. mike

    A nasty case of ...

    SPACE THRUSH, itchy astro-fannies ahoy.

  5. James

    @Glauro Campello

    Was that a joke? Did you really just say that?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I, for one, welcome our yeast-infected overlords.

  7. Charles Manning

    Far easier

    Just do some homebrew on ISS.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @James @Glauro Campello

    I'll second that joke inquiry. Cos really... Just wow, if it wasn't a joke.

  9. Codge


    He's obviously

    a) Catholic

    b) Foreign

    c) Fucked up

    Blame the Nazi Pope. Or any previous incumbents.

    All religion is Bollocks. Except maybe Budhism. But that's more a way of life...

  10. Captain Thyratron
    Thumb Up

    Looking forward to follow-on "Zymursat" mission.

    I wonder how a batch of imperial stout comes out if it's brewed in microgravity.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    @James @Glauro Campello @Iam Me

    It seems like amanfrommars went to space, met some bacteria and is evolving...

  12. MnM

    Joke inquiry

    I'll sign that petition.

    I googled 'crab head curiosity' and couldn't find any links to morality tales (though did find 'Germans lack curiosity about meat-derived products') so think it may be a brand new one. Pissed Xenu?

  13. Bronek Kozicki

    why, of course ...

    it is well known from movies that cosmic radiation triggers high mutation rate, which helps bacteria to evolve more malignant and drug-resistent.

  14. goggyturk
    Thumb Up

    Orbital brewery

    This is obviously part of Obama's plan to make America better liked by improving the quality of its beer (not difficult).

    Maybe they could fashion a beer goggle (monoggle?) for the Hubble Space Telescope. Now that's what I call science!

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Q: What do you call ...

    ... a trio of female rappers with hygiene problems?

    A: The Yeasty Girls

    (Don't worry, I'm leaving)

  16. Lionel Baden

    lol @james

    im thinking you need to read the story again

    they are not putting yeast in space because its too dangerous to experiment here

    they are putting yeast in space because that is where bacteria becomes more dangerous.

    numpty !!

  17. Richard Thomas


    How can the satellite be nano-sized if the yeast is micro-sized?

    Or is this some new Reg definition of the SI prefixes to go with the Reg Standard Units? ;-)

  18. Ross Fleming

    @ Richard Thomas

    Never seen a TARDIS?

  19. Rocco

    It would be interesting if they put...

    Bread or beer yeast, which are two strains of the same yeast, up there. If they survive, than maybe the stuff that we use to make beer and bread, ARE really gifts from the "gods," and ancient civilizations were right after all!

  20. Chris


    The article clearly stated they are using BAKER's yeast, not brewer's yeast, an entirely different critter. So no Imperial stouts or other tasty beverages. I'm not sure I'd want to drink something fermented with mutated space yeast anyway. I'll stick with tried and true English Ale or California Ale strains from White Labs, with an occasional lager or Hefeweizen.

  21. cybersaur


    American beer would be much better if they'd stop making it out of rice. That's right-- rice! Budweiser is NOT beer.

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