back to article Ubuntu's Koala food hits open-source supermarket

After hitching a ride on the new Ubuntu, Eucalyptus has followed the Koala-fixated Linux distro into the world of commercialized open source. Today, the creators of the open-source cloud compute platform announced the formation of Eucalyptus Systems Inc., a Santa Barbara, California-based company that will float private clouds …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cloud computing

    really what is the difference from outsourcing your IT department, not much :)

    So, it will suffer from the same problems of lack of control, and lax security, quite simple really.

    But you will have fatboy clients in the form of a desktop that you will still have to support, which have loads of redundant CPU cycles in most machines just begging to be used in a distributed environment.

    So, 'cloud technology' will start to be used internally as well, which will lessen the call for external clouds, and it will work better in an organisation than existing external to it.

    Right back to my distcc, is the world in yet?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Karmic Koala?

    Where do they get these names?

    Although I suppose it's better than "Kinky Kelly", after the donkey in the film "Clerks 2". Actually, looking at the photo of Rich Wolski, he does look a bit like a donkey f---er. Oops, did I say that out loud?

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Dr Shuttleworth, I presume. .......

    "The distinction between the grid and the cloud is a subtle one."

    The Cloud is the Grid Control level ..... which is why there is so much Interest. However, please be aware that IT is a Blessing which does not Suffer Fools at All and they just Crash and Burn/Experience Meltdown in ITs Environment, which thus affords IT Perfect Security and Freedom of Intellectual Property Movement/AIdDevelopment.

    ""One of the misconceptions about Eucalyptus is that it is able to allow an org to compete with Amazon," Wolski says. ... It's not likely - maybe even impossible - that you're going to download something from the internet that is going to be able to operate at that scale. Eucalyptus can’t really be used for that purpose.""

    :-) That does not sound at all convincing, Rich, and it is just as well that no one is asking if Eucalyptus can virtually be used for that purpose, for anyone who would say No definitively would likely be proved wrong, for nothing is impossible once you put Great Minds and Free Spirits to something.

  4. J

    @Karmic Koala?

    Oh, no... not again.

  5. Chris Peterson

    no Karma Khameleon?

    You come and go.

    You come and go.

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