back to article Pink-slipped sysadmin admits to threatening ex-employer's network

A system administrator has admitted he threatened to cause extensive damage to his former employer's computer system after he was laid off. Viktor Savtyrev, 29, of Old Bridge, New Jersey, worked as a sysadmin for five years at an unnamed mutual fund company located in New York City that managed more than $15bn, according to …


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  1. EJ


    How could a company let go of an individual who was so poised and well thought out?

  2. Peter Simpson

    That should read:

    "BOFH-wannabee". Clearly an amateur.

    A real BOFH would already be on the beach in the tropics, with the money untouchably in a Cayman Islands bank.

    The boss would, of course, be "sleeping with the fishes" in the East River, after a tragic accident when his BMW's computer commanded full speed ahead and right turn, while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

    (Mine's the one with the code listing marked "Property of BMW" in the pocket)

  3. Stevie Silver badge


    I call for the maximum sentence. This madness must stop. Fine the bugger til he bleeds, then bang him up for a few years. Then, if he's a foreign national, repatriation to the mother country. That should put the fear of God into the rest of these so-called "Admins".

    Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Excellent references!

    "excellent references should be provided for anybody contacting you regarding my employment."

    I think a residential address of "Cell 1, Block H, State Prison" will not require much help to make the point to prospective employers..

    Also the only correct response to blackmail IMHO.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sticks and stones words will get you 5 years

    1/4 of a million, imprisonment for making some threats to attack a few electrons?

    No one got hurt not a scratch, no computers accessed in an unauthorized manner.

    People threaten to kill people don't they and nothing happens, bizarre.

    That aside, people have to wise up in IT, don't become too attached to anyone else's system, don't think you are joining a 'team', just get the cash (gold coins) paid on delivery of work at the end of the day or the week, offer no credit terms, sign nothing. Whilst offshoring occurs, offshore your tax liability.

    IT needs to become the most awkward copper nicker wearing profession on the planet.

    The risks are huge for a McJob here, 5 years imprisonment and 250 grand, what do you get for adding the special sauce in a burger; hanging?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    go somewhere where you cannot be touched, then do it - what a dumbass

    deserves all he gets, what a moron

    Paris - just because

  7. JC

    @ Sticks and stones...

    There's nothing bizarre about breaking extortion laws, getting caught at it, and winding up in the slammer. It doesn't have much to do with IT except the fellow's former job placement and the means with which a threat of damage would be carried out.

  8. Chris C

    re: Sticks and stones

    "1/4 of a million, imprisonment for making some threats to attack a few electrons?"

    Actually, no. He threatened to attack a corporation in a non-tangible manner. Destroying a company by destroying their computers and equipment is not attacking "a few electrons". The financial collapse of the $15 billion they manage would not be attacking "a few electrons". Let's ask MCI Worldcom and Enron if their accounting frauds were just about "a few electrons" or whether they had real-world impacts.

    "People threaten to kill people don't they and nothing happens, bizarre."

    Actually, no, that is incorrect also. Threatening to kill someone is most definitely against the law. Just because someone decides to not press charges does not mean it's not a crime. Assault is also a crime, but the police will rarely do anything unless the assaulted person wants to press charges.

    In this case, the company did the right thing. I just hope they are also smart enough to make sure all passwords the ex-employees had access to have been changed (and I do mean ALL passwords -- firewalls, routers, servers, remote administration, software, email, websites, accounts at external websites, etc, including passwords of all users the ex-employees may have had access to); the same goes for physical locks. Requiring a massive password change is very inconvenient and can be costly, but the alternative can be much more inconvenient and much, much more costly.

  9. ShaggyDoggy


    While working in yor company I placed a failsafe into your system.

    Its purpose is to prevent unauthorised hijacking of the admin level passwords.

    This will require me to access the system once per month to refresh the authorising key.

    A wise man would decide to treat me kindly while this procedure continues to execute.

  10. Guy

    Restitution for what ?

    Or was that just the attorneys fees charged for receiving the letter and turning it over to the police ? ( thieving lawyer icon still not available)

  11. Anonymous Coward


    Step one: Blackmail your ex-employer

    Step two: Flee the country with the cash

    Step Three Get arrested

    Step Four: Realise that the first two steps are the wrong way round.

    Seriously, you're blackmailing via email. Get somewhere outside of US jurisdiction first!

  12. randomtask

    @ Sticks and stones...

    "People threaten to kill people don't they and nothing happens, bizarre."

    Ummm no, its actually an offence to threaten to kill someone. They usually end up with a sentence for that as well.

    Mine is the one with the 'Get out of jail free card' in the pocket...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    For it to be extortion

    you have to obtain the money or services unlawfully.

    In this instance it was just a threat of sending his pet fairies to attack the mythical firewall, bizarre five years for spouting a load of hokum.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    but shurley, he shuld have....

    mutual fund, worth more than $15bn

    Should have treatened real damage to the company, like revealing how much the fund is actually worth....

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    BOFH is not real

    Don't try this at your real workplace, folks, You're sure to be arrested! It doesn't go in your favour anyway.

    Be nice, it always pays - being nice to someone who is nice works - win win situation everyone is happy.

    Be nice to someone who is trying to annoy you, it really backfires to them in a big way!

  16. Wize

    @AC 8:24 am

    Is there anywhere outside US jurisdiction?

    You don't tell them their firewall is cheap one that is easy to break. You send them a message from inside the firewall via the backdoor you set up long ago.

  17. Simon B
    Thumb Up

    zzz enter a zzz title zzz u don't want zzzz here zzzzz

    What a tit

  18. Anonymous Coward


    A person is guilty of theft by extortion if he purposely and unlawfully

    obtains property of another by extortion.

    Inflict bodily injury on or physically confine or restrain anyone or commit any other criminal offense

    N.J.S.A. 2C:20-5

    hmm AC 28th April 2009 09:30 GMT

    Learn the law before you speak. People on the Reg get all pissy when an American states their laws . You say America does not control the world

  19. Colin Millar

    The longest distance between two points.... between a blackmailer and his money

  20. Anonymous Coward

    THATS IT?!?!?!

    I have to put up with network admis who randomly disables file sharing between computers on the network that need sharing turned on and they say its not a network but a pc issue and I just reinstalled XP and sharing is still disabled IT heads will rolll for this for sure!

  21. Chaitanya


    The guy should read Simon T's posts more often.... If it were me - I'd make sure I DONT get fired in the first place.

    No point spouting about it later.His tits are toast, the slimy freshwater gherkin.

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