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Yahoo! plans to close GeoCities, the dot com era build-your-own-website operation it paid $4.6bn in stock for in 1999. In a posting to its help pages yesterday, Yahoo! said it would stop accepting new GeoCities members immediately, then turn off the lights "later this year." "We have decided to discontinue the process of …


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  1. RichyS

    ? is not a title (apparently)

    Yahoo? plans? to? close? GeoCities?

    Who knew it was still open?

  2. james4765
    Thumb Up

    Oh thank god

    I feel a disturbance in the Force. As if millions of crappy websites cried out all at once, and fell silent.

    Good riddance.

  3. Jamie

    Those were the days.

    I remember when I signed up for my first GeoCities account way back in 96 or 97 I believe. It was mostly used as a quick and easy way to post files for sharing. Create a tiny webpage and use the rest of the space to host files.

  4. Andrew Moore

    Dear Facebook...

    here's your future.


    The Web 3.0

  5. Liam Pennington

    Signs you're getting old

    I remember the clammer to get a GeoCities website back in the day, when it was the only way for non-techie types to have some kind of site on-line. Pre-MySpace, pre-Web 2.0 Now look at us, i can't believe GeoCities was still going!

  6. Richard Cain
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    Spin! Galore! Spam! Is! The! Reason!

    And thank your God that Y! has taken action.

    The volume of spam that used geocities URLs in the body text during the past month was amazing.

    It's noticeable how much the volume has dropped during the past week. Clearly Y! has finally sat up and taken notice.

  7. Steve

    @ Andrew Moore

    Exactly! :D

    I really must look up my old GeoCities page... Sniff sniff, [wipes tear away]

  8. Anonymous Coward

    I will miss geocities

    I built my first website on geocities and used infoseek to make sure I was the top ranking on multiple search terms.

    Ahhhh the good ole days.

  9. Steve
    Paris Hilton

    A look back

    Check out the information superhighway dude!

    Why Paris, Well I doubt she would have a mention on GC.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    "Geoshitties" is the terms often used, I think.

    I guess Geocities is a bit like Bob Dylan. People are surprised that either of them are still around.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Next... FB & Twitter

    How long till the death of Facebook, Myspace and Twitter?. Anything longer than 5 seconds is too long.

    Should be made mandatory that all social networking gets the Geocities shut-down. Far too many people having a arty - farty love in on Web2.0 manufactured by ex Marketing hippies. Perhaps all those who *need* a virtual presence could be loaded into the darkened room of geocities and 'deleted'. Would make the world a more pleasant place for all those barefoot hippies.

    The owners may have made a load of cash - but not from me.

  12. Anonymous Coward


    Ah, the good old days before bloggers were bleating everywhere in CSS dotted lines... back when every Web page was about some professor's cat. I never used Geocities (I used, ha, who remembers that?) but I'll miss stumbling onto those cheerfully amateurish home pages when they're all torn down.

  13. Luke

    Made my first website back in the day

    Sad really - no more websites with black backgrounds, pink text, animated gifs and annoying music that plays when you load them...

    Oh wait... we have myspace for this now

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I hope will be saving the blink-laden pages for future generations

    although I seem to think that every time I've been to a geoshitties page recently has resulted in a big fat 404

  15. Ryan

    Farewell old friend!

    Ah my formative years spent learning HTML and making sites sharing my Carmageddon models and quake maps *wipes away a tear* Farewell old friend!

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    rhymes with ...

    "atrocities", as I remember it...

  17. Rodrigo Rollan
    Thumb Up


    But they Did not spare anyone ! Even the younglins Viagra / Cialis /<Insert Big $ Brand Name Here> Spamsites !

  18. James O'Brien
    Dead Vulture

    @Richard Cain

    Really? REALLY?? See the spam filters here at work would tend to disagree with you on that. Actually the only time I hear of Geocities anymore is in the news like this.

    Man this article reminds of the good ol' days I'm with you on this Steve, I thin for what they did BACK IN THE DAY (IE: before '98) it was a great concept for those who were just getting into the net and everything. Oh well.

    /RIP for obvious reasons

  19. AP
    Paris Hilton

    Fond memories......

    Of adolescent days spent....errr....researching low res jpeg "stress relieve" material on dial-up speed.

  20. David Eddleman

    Mixed feelings

    Part of me is glad to see Geocities go, especially knowing what it harbors, but part of me is also saddened. It was a major player in the early web days, where you could get some simple space to host a webpage + files when hosting accounts back then would have you pay through the nose. I had a few sites on Geocities before I quickly forgot about them and didn't care anymore...

  21. Haku

    Re: Signs you're getting old

    ME TOO!


    It's disappointing they're shutting it down but it's also suprising it's been running for so long. I did have a Geoshities (as it was once, and probably still called) website and seem to recall when the space increased from 5 or was it 10mb to something with a bit more space for more (usually ghastly, oversized pixel & bytesize) pictures.

    A small handful of Geocities pages have some useful information that doesn't exist anywhere else but the majority of people's pages on there look like beta versions of MySpace - aka atrocious html coding; over-use of <font color> <font size> <center> <blink> etc. etc.

  22. Mike

    Wonder how long. . .

    Until a porn site snaps up the Geocities domain. What? You think there's ANY chance of that domain EVER being unblocked in firewall filters?

  23. GHok


    Where would one guy if one wanted to make a little website for free? I had a lot of fun as a young teen making webpages on various subjects through sites like Geocities. I guess kids today have to do that kind of thing on myspace or something, but what if you want to make a site that isn't about yourself? Or you know, be a little more creative than what myspace allows you to do? The easy answer would be to have your parents buy you some webspace, but if I had asked my parents for anything like that when I was young they would have thought it was a waste of money.

    I should login to my old page and see what files are still there.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Web 1.0!

    I remember the days, being able to sign up and make your own site when having a Home Page rather than a Blog was the cool thing, and all the "neighborhoods" you could join although aside from general interests there wasn't much to distinguish them.

    Geocities was before almost everything, and forget messaging, "applications," writing on people's walls or any of that. If you wanted to contact people or create content you had to do it the old fashioned way and work at it.

    There was something appealing to the old web like this, simple information and just the important stuff. Today's Web 2.0 is rife with ads, security holes, and any idiot with an opinion clamoring for their 15 minutes of fame. Maybe I'm just getting old but I don't use Facebook for anything more than keeping in touch. The endless quizzes and chatter and virtual gifts are too much to keep up with. And don't get me started on Second Life.

    On the other hand Geocities won't be missed, it's long since become like Usenet, where nothing happens and people are surprised it's still there.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Despite it all, many memories

    Geoshitties was where I hosted my first site back around 98 or so (now long gone), I still have another site there that has gone untouched since about 2001 or so. Probably should save that for posterity's sake, despite all the coding and design I now know to be terrible even fron what I remember of it, but thought was a good idea at the time, it was a page from when I was first learning HTML. Seems like such a long time ago...

    I agree with Haku about there being some useful geoshitties sites, but mostly crap.

    Ah well, I guess that is why we have so at least the good ones won't be lost, while nobody cares about the crappy ones.

  26. TeeCee Gold badge

    Re: Wonder how long...


  27. Anonymous Coward

    Slug-induced hallucinations

    Crap! This ALWAYS happens to me. Just found a note to myself to try out Geo-cities. Now they are (almost) gone? AAMOF, here's another one: try out Vista...OMG! Where's my mind gone? Crap! I re...mem...ber...something about...If you tried out Windows...then you...weren't...really...there............ Is that possible?

    Hippie Homilies for Happy Harmony

  28. Anonymous Coward

    On the plus side...

    At least they are giving fair warning and a way of getting your stuff off their servers. That's more than we got with Smartgroups when Wanadooo shut that down (for much the same reason, I recall).

  29. mittfh

    (Non) Deletion policy

    Way back in the dawn of time (well, late '90s), I created a website there, then forgot about it for five years before rediscovering it. Now you'd think that as it was virtually contentless, nobody would have visited in that time. So either (a) it did receive the occasional visitor, or (b) they weren't very good at maintaining their deletion policy...

  30. passepartout

    Lines on the death of

    So. Farewell / Then / GeoCities.

    Home of / the <BLINK> tag.

    Your catchphrase / Was an / 'Under Construction' / Animated GIF.

    But you're / Not so / Animated now.

    E.J. Thribb (17.4 build b82)

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