back to article Warner opens 'Blu-ray for HD DVD' swap shop

If you were one of the unlucky early adopters who bet your cash on HD DVD, now’s your chance to switch to Blu-ray, because Warner’s launched a disc swap service. The scheme allows you to post the firm your HD DVD copy of, say, 300, and in return you’ll receive a Blu-ray edition of the same movie. There are a few catches, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    "unlucky early adopters"

    more stupid that unlucky. I mean thinking that inferior tech backed by only by Toshiba, and half heartedly by Microsoft could stand any change against better tech and every other hardware manufacturer and the bast majority of the movie industry.

    Sometimes it seems people want the underdog to win, and this is what those foolish enough to buy HD DVD were doing.

    I doubt many of them will trade in their disks and upgrade to the dreaded Blu, as they still bear a grudge even now..

  2. Anonymous Coward

    yeah right

    More like James Sherwood is punting his HD-DVD's on ebay :-)

  3. Another Anonymous Coward

    Now is a good time to...

    ... buy up a load of old HDDVDs for cheap and trade them in for blu-ray.

  4. Sooty

    now all they need

    is to offer the same service for dvd's, after all, we've already bought the licence to watch it, and so should be able to obtain a blu-ray of the same film for media costs only.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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