back to article T-Mobile intros 'Pay Once' BlackBerry deal

T-Mobile has launched a quirky pay-as-you-go (PAYG) deal to help customers searching for their first BlackBerry buy one for a one-off fee. BlackBerry_Pearl_8110_silver_01 The BlackBerry Pearl 8110, available for a 'Pay Once' fee The “Pay Once” deal only applies to the BlackBerry Pearl 8110, but essentially sees you able to …


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  1. Arnold Lieberman
    Thumb Up

    Not new

    Got pretty much the same setup a while ago by purchasing a 3 mobile "broadband" dongle thing and SIM, via Quidco for £7.50/month (5Gb). SIM was removed from dongle and inserted into fleaBay-purchased Samsung i600 where it works very nicely indeed (network conditions excepted). Calls and messages are charged at PAYG rates but billed monthly.

  2. Simon J. Richards

    Orange do the 8120 (with Wi-Fi) on PAYG

    It's £145 a month in "Titanium" (i.e.dark silver plastic) and it's a fiver a month, so that's £205 for a year. Wi-Fi for an extra £20 - not bad.

    Of course, both Orange and T-Mobile could jack up the data fees at a later date.

  3. Ian
    Jobs Halo

    Very much like O2's iPhone deal

    Which also includes 12 months bundled data.

  4. Danny Thompson
    IT Angle

    O2's iPhone deal

    Errr, I do believe that you'll find "the deal" includes bundled data for the life of the contract, not just for 12 months!

    This from T-Mobile seems a fair offering, if you really want a Crapberry. But for the life of me I really do not understand why anyone outside of enterprise would. If you gave me one of these I'd throw it back at you! Nasty wee things, they are.

  5. Paul Rhodes
    Black Helicopters

    @ Arnold Lieberman

    Not quite the same thing.You had to take a risk on getting a phone that may not have been described, and you have a post-pay contract tor data and voice.

    The pay-once model was popular a good 10 years back, and I'm surprised it has not re-appeared in a wider format. I got an Ericsson EH237 and 'pre-paid' 12 months (30 mins/month!) for £100 which was a much better deal than paying the full line-rental and getting x months back by redemption. If I'd lost my job or anything, I'd know I could still use the phone.

    On the other hand, with HSUPA starting to appear on handsets, and most mid-price handsets having HSDPA for a decent mobile internet experience, this EDGE-powered 8110 is going to be pretty lousy in comparison.

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