back to article Atom UMPC first casualty of OQO money woes?

OQO, the California UMPC maker, has canned its latest model, if rumours fed by Twitter tweets are correct. The same source also claims that pre-orders have been cancelled. OQO 2+ OQO's OQO 2+: will it ever see the light of day? The rumours appear to have started after a Twitterer called Chippy, who runs a UMPC-oriented …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    It'll be a shame to see them go.

    I'll miss their products :(

  2. Stewart Knight


    That is so smart. If the price was right I'd buy one, even with Vista on it!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    First I've heard of 'em

    There's no price mentioned in the article... [google] Oh... wait.... it's a kilobuck, just like the Sony Vaio P. That's about 2x what I would pay for it. So yeah, I bought an eeePC 4G instead. For US$300. Retail.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A shame...

    Although hardly surprising, given the huge cost of the devices.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    So it appears people aren't always eager to pay a premium for a quality product, unless it's from Apple.

    Paris, because she knows how to advertise.

  6. Ian McNee

    James. purely on a point of grammatical accuracy...

    ...I believe that someone who Tweets on Twitter is, in fact, a Twat. And if they Tweet at least once a day they are a Total Twat.

  7. Kevin Reader
    Thumb Up

    UMPC Portal is here

    Chippy's original story and update on his UMPC site are here:

    Its a pretty good place for info on UMPC, small pc, and notbook PCs (SIC). He's pretty well known in small PC circles - so not just a random twitterer.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    UMPC Portal

    To keep up to date with the latest UMPCs and MIDs, visit

    for coverage by an experienced professional. Why didn't you link there in the article? Chippy does great work in this field.

  9. Hardcastle
    Paris Hilton


    I wouldn't mind having one of those UMPC's to hack around on, but like Hell if I can justify paying a flippin' kilobuck for one, especially when the same fundage would net a proper lappy with a pair of cojones chillin'. That's OK, because I can't justify paying the premium rates for a Crapple product either. I don't mind paying extra for a solid quality component that is made to last for a while, but I assure you, I won't pay extra for something just because it has a goofy 4-sectored flag or the fruit that got Adam and Eve in trouble with a bite missing.

    Paris, because she'll let you experience her UMPC for less than a grand...

  10. Anonymous Coward

    I have no idea...

    what the article is about because I've been blinded with rage by the oh-so-f*cking annoying use of the non-word "veep"...

    Stop using it, its not a bloody word! Its even two letters longer than the acronym its replacing so why sodding use it at all? Its not like we're not likely to know what VP stands for is it?! F*ck your Merkin *sounding* self important, c*ck waving, ego mastubatory slang off back to the States or wherever the hell it came from (I guess the States because say it with the annoying twang of a over-confident, arrogant, Merkin prick "I'm the veep of sales and marketing" and it fits perfectly).

    What? I love Americans... Especially when they STAY in America and STFU!

  11. Steve Evans

    @Ian McNee

    Thanks for the first laugh of my day! Not bad, it's only 5:30 :-)

  12. David Farinic

    i want one if it makes out

    My source of news regarding OQO is where you can find out that some units sent to repair have been returned without fix and without word whats going returns just voice mailbox etc... and that dynamism still list unit to be delivered on 22nd may... but no extra batteries are listed

    I played with unit on CEBIT 2009 .. love it OLED is amazing... i want it even if they fold afterwards... but et least let my buy 1 spare battery ...;)

  13. Bronek Kozicki
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    bah, x86

    Power hungry x86 architecture on such tiny device is a mistake. Too short battery life, too much heat, too high price. These OQOs aren't Atoms nor anything close to it. Good they are gone.

  14. Alex Walsh

    At least OQO made it further than the Vulcan fliptop

    I had an OQO model 1, the hardware was almost awesome. I had to reinstall the wifi drivers at least once a week, and the thing was so mind cripplingly slow with Windows on it, I couldn't join the Mission Impossible team (Tom Cruise used one in the film, and I'm fairly sure if his had been retail, he'd have been caught, tortured, driven into the desert, executed and buried by the time Outlook had loaded).

    The thumb pad has since been surpassed by mobile phones too. It was before its time and too ambitious.

  15. Mike Taylor

    @Ian McNee

    I believe a constant flow of tweets from a twat is a twatterblat.

  16. Ian McNee
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    @Mike Taylor

    I confess I did not know this - it is truly amazing how language evolves so rapidly (or should that be vapidly) in the world of web-two-point(less)-oh :-)

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