back to article Jobless Apple pumps profits 15 per cent

Anyone who predicted that an Apple without Steve Jobs at the helm would drift towards un-profitability must now eat their words. When announcing Apple's second-quarter financial results on Wednesday, acting helmsman and COO Tim Cook sounded like a man who knows his job is secure. He also demonstrated his mastery of Apple's …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Hey, even Apple is having to cut costs...

    They've already eliminated one jobs...

  2. David Wilkinson

    I hope apple does huge ipod touch

    I am not sure if I could afford one, but I'd love it if apple's answer to the netbook is a giant ipod touch.

    I sometimes use my ipod touch to surf the web, im, check mail, when I don't want to carry a laptop.

    If it was larger, had usb and display port and ran a full version of OSX it would make a great mobile computer platform.

  3. Stephen


    So you mean, if it was a Netbook..

  4. Matt Bradley


    You're obviously aware of some touch screen, keyboardless netbook that David hadn't heard of. come to think of it: neither have I. Please enlighten us?

  5. Gordon Ross Silver badge

    @I hope apple does huge ipod touch

    When I bought my iPod touch, I never thought I'd use it as a web browser. However, I often use it for doing some quick browsing of sites. Yeah, it's a bit small, but the biggest attraction ? Instant on.

  6. gabor
    Jobs Halo


    No, he probably means if it was still sans keyboard (flimsy at this size, needs clamshell), weighs less than a pound and costs around £500. That's what I would mean anyway.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Include a keyboard and you have a Netbook. Or call it a 10inch "Macbook Lite" and price it at $799 (that also £799 after yesterday's government budget in the UK).

  8. Stuart Duel

    Beam me up!

    @ Stephen

    I'm guessing David is a Star Trek fan and he's hankering for one of those nifty Pads that have with the processing power of a Star Ship at their disposal.

  9. stu
    Jobs Horns


    Er.. there are plenty around. they just ain't called netbooks... they are/were called UMPCs.

    samsung, acer, they all made em.

    I have a Sony UX1 (which does have a slide out keyboard admittedly).

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