back to article AMD next-gen ultrathin gets early birthday

AMD is poised to beat Intel in the race to ship the next generation of both beefy server processors and ultrathin-notebook chips. During yesterday's conference call announcing the company's first-quarter earnings, AMD's CEO Dirk Meyer and multi-hatted EVP, COO, and CAO Bob Rivet let it be known that both the six-core Istanbul …


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  1. BioTube


    The one I always heard was "earlybird gets the worm" - and AMD seems damn intent on that worm.

  2. Nuno Silva

    Best microarch?

    AMD had the best microarch for 4 years, at least, and Intel kept shouting "GHz!!!!". Now Intel has a (similar) good microarch, they reverse their speech :-) Even in the Pentium4 era people kept buying Intel, so brand recognition is clearly in Intel's camp.

    Bad kharma for Intel on this one. Don't do that too often, people will notice.

    Anyway, I like both companies. On this one I'm rooting for the underdog because I'd like competition to continue.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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