back to article Euro Parliament agrees roaming caps

The proposed caps on the cost of using a mobile within Europe have been approved, just in time for voters to give their approval come June. The final agreement is pretty much what was proposed last month, with a cap on the cost of texting at €.11, and voice calls at €.40 per minute. Data gets a cap at €1/MB - more than many …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Define mobile

    I suppose some things are sort of fixed by not being mobile or not intended for mobile use. A packet of cornflakes maybe?

    But somethings are intended for mobile use and are mobile. Mobile phones for example.

    So, for the EU I believe that there should be a people's rate that is applicable all over the the EU.

    And yes, it should cost the same in Slovakia, Slovenia, Iceland, UK, France, Germany, ... on a very simple basis: we the people seek this mobile functionality at a rate that the people can adopt easily.

    (I'll just dream on and along though and will not hold my breath waiting for it to happen)

  2. mark
    Thumb Up

    Domestic Texts?

    Will this apply to domestic texting too? I'm pretty sure O2 charge more than €0.11 per text for domestic texts ATM.

  3. Olli Männistö

    No data cap

    Still no data cap thought. It's always funny to get 15€ bill for some text-only chatting.

    At least with a laptop + skype you can chat as much as you bloody well want at fixed rates. Just pick a hotel with data service.

  4. Gregor

    There is a data cap

    Of a euro a meg - did you not read the article?

    I think what people are missing is that these figures are for companies charging other companies - so for example, how much o2 have to pay your host network when you're in France, and using your phone.

    It has no direct consequence for customers, although the domestic watchdogs will go a tad mental I think, if they're continuing to be too ridiculous with it.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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