back to article AMD chases Nehalem with speedier Shanghai

Chip maker designer and marketeer Advanced Micro Devices has been forced to sit through all the glowing news about rival Intel's "Nehalem EP" Xeon 5500 chips for the past three weeks, and now that the news has died down a bit, the company will today announce that it has cranked the clocks on its "Shanghai" quad-core Opteron …


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  1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    How to avoid making money:

    Advertise some new parts then refuse to sell them.

    AMD excel at this. Please AMD, design things and sell them. I would like to have some competition for Intel at least as neither Intel or AMD will compete with Via.

  2. Walter Brown

    Glad to see it...

    I'd like to see some benchmarks on a pair of those 3.1ghz opteron's, i dont imagine that do much harm to Intel's top end kit directly, but i can imagine they'll put a serious smack down on the price vs performance front...

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    AIMaster Racing Plans

    " Chip [maker] designer and marketeer Advanced Micro Devices..." Can we expect Future Leading Processors to be Spinning as Abu Dhabi Chipsets whenever Shanghai Intellectual Properties have been drained/exhausted/superseeded, or will the next Generation of Fabulous Global Foundries be Virtually Born and Borne Seamlessly into Integrated Business Models as a Single Source Silicon Supply to Maximise and Monopolise Return and Minimise Elaborate Conflict ?

  4. Hombre sin nombre


    I think I actually understood most of that one.

  5. Uwe Dippel
    Thumb Down


    Stupid AMD-ers! For the last years I bought up all EE and 45W TDP AMD Dual-Athlon CPUs available in this country. Honestly. And I am very happy with both of them, and their power consumption.

    And this articles restates that AMD is not going to offer those new chips to the general public. May AMD get lost!

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