back to article Zango goes titsup

Controversial adware firm Zango has Zangone. The adware maker was forced to pull down the shutters on its business after it was left unable to service its debts. Initially we, along with othe news outlets, incorrectly reported that video search engine firm Blinkx had acquired Zango. In fact Blinkx has only bought a proportion …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Armed guards

    Hardly surprising. Anyone who would work at a place like that has clearly demonstrated where their moral compass points - straight at their wallet.

    One down. Many, many more to go.

  2. Efros

    Good Riddance

    They should have been shot with balls of their own ordure!


  3. Colin Millar
    Thumb Up

    sympathy for the devil

    Aww - poor Ken - my heart bleeds for the f**cker

    That picture appears to be just some bloke standing somewhere - still - people have been convicted on the intertubes with far less 'evidence' so I suppose we just have to take the poster's word for it that there was lots of em and they all had guns.

    Are they really trying to get up some kind of indignant internet response to this mercy killing? I suppose twitterers in search of something to be outraged over will rally to the cause - besides - they like being infected with shitware and the demise of this outfit deprives them of a source of something else to junk up their system with.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Good news ...

    .... but what's in the deal for Blinkx?

  5. Yorkshirepudding
    Thumb Up

    RIP Bonzai Buddy

    may you burn in hell!

  6. Kevin Campbell

    aaaaaaaand STAY out!

    Good riddance, Zango. Burn in hell forever.

  7. g e

    So what's the point

    In buying a company whose technology you don't want ?

    Would be like me buying Microsoft ;o)

  8. TeeCee Gold badge


    "......marks the death knell of a controversial business model."

    Ok then, answer this. Why the hell would Blinkx buy it if they weren't going to use it? Sheer altruism for malware-oppressed end-users doesn't seem like a viable reason, especially in the current economic climate.....

  9. James Pickett


    "Zango began life as 180 Solutions"

    First rule of business - have nothing to do with any firm whose name includes the word 'solutions'

    Phorm next - please?

  10. John Smith Gold badge

    A curious coincidence

    Another dodgy spyware company run by a guy called Ken.

    but as others have said. What's in it for the buyer?

  11. webdude

    What's in it for the buyer?

    I am thinking botnet or some other not so honest operation. If not adware, then where is the value in this company?

  12. Anonymous Coward


    Yay! Phorm next. Preferably by the end of the week.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Solutions? No thanks

    @James Pickett --- You too?

    We learnt the hard way and had a positive discrimination against such company names.

  14. Ben Cockburn

    Business model going strong

    Although the UK affiliate networks have largely cleaned themselves of adware affiliates, it's unfortunately still quite common practice, particularly in the European markets where comparable operations had none of the controversy of the silent 'drive-by' installations 180 solutions/Zango and their ilk in the US were culpable of (even if you believed they didn't knew what their affiliates were doing). In addition there are still a lot of 'search engines' and traffic purchase operations that will sell you traffic that is actually sourced from adware-infected computers.

    Still, advertisers aren't stupid, none of the big brands want to taint their reputation by association with such underhand practices and the evidence they were influencing a purchase is hard to come by with the adware engines, so eventually these operations will be pushed right to the fringe where only the desperate are prepared to tread.

  15. Jacob Reid
    Thumb Up

    Good riddance

    Now we just need to wait for phorm to die.


    222 Liberty House

    The House of Horrors.

    Home to Zango and Phorm.

    Perhaps it would have been quicker to demolish it without warning?

  17. John Smith Gold badge

    They share the same address?

    What are the odds. I guess the scum does float to the surface.

    I'd like a blank tombstone for these characters, But I'm still pretty happy theyv'e gone done the pan.

  18. iamapizza

    Creationists and the Religious will love this

    I believe that this incident involving the closure of Zango, the spawn of Satan on the Internet, can be used by theists as indisputable evidence of the existence of God.

  19. g e


    Which one?

    More like proof of a Terry Pratchett style Death of Internet Scumbags, which may possibly look like a wallet with a scythe (riding astride a Baleful Numbered Bank Account ;o)

    I so DO hope so...

  20. Toastan Buttar

    180 Search Assistant

    I caught this bugger on my Win98SE partition many years ago. I was a total beast to completely remove. It must take a special mindset to come up with crapware such as this and claim in all honesty that you believe you're providing a real service to people.

    Ta-Ta f***ers, don't hurry back.

  21. John Smith Gold badge

    Last man standing bar Phorm

    Still work to be done then.

    Phorm seems to have been rising in the last month to around the £4.0 mark. I wonder if the VC suppliers still hold any shares in the company. A market sector with a one 100% fail rate (so far) should be making them *quite* nervous.

    Any one fancy selling them short?

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