back to article VMware unmasks next-gen hypervisor

As expected, server virtualization kingpin VMware will today take the wraps off its next generation hypervisor, ESX Server 4.0, and the related tools for managing it. They're now called vSphere rather than Virtual Infrastructure. The vSphere stack embodies a strategy and product set that VMware used to call the Virtual Data …


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  1. Robert Amleth
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    Are you bloody kidding me?

    It appears VMware is trying to confuse the market by rebranding their products and creating more SKUs. This is crap. With Microsoft, Citrix, Xen, and Oracle offering free hypervisors, free high availability and free live migration, many of us were expecting a price drop. According to this article/press release, live migration is $2200+ per processor. WTF? Appears after years of gouging customers, VMware is responding with the finger.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    "Cloud OS"


  3. Jamie Kephalas

    Excuse me... much?!


  4. Wortel


    "and each VM could handle 4 MB of memory."

    Don't you mean 4GB?

  5. Tom Chiverton

    Who (doesn't) check this stuff

    "ESX Server 2.X, the hypervisor could span one or two processors and each VM could handle 4 MB of memory"

    4 meg !?! ITYM gig.... unless v2 *was* *really* bad !

  6. P. Lee Silver badge

    silly numbers!

    255GB in a single VM?

    Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Impressive specs, assuming you ignore the 4M/4G typo; obviously vSphere is not for a small organisation... it will be interesting to see the uptake of this

    vSphere now becomes a rather large SPOF target; hope the security around the management is tight.

    @Roberth Amleth: if Microsoft, Citrix, Xen, and Oracle can match this, I have no doubt they would charge as well...

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