back to article Motorola paranoid over Android box

Motorola has denied putting Google's Android onto a set-top box, pointing out that their "au" box is still running their own proprietary OS, despite reports to the contrary. EE Times reported that Motorola was working on an Android box, which Android Guys then identified as the "au Box", which can synchronise content with …


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  1. James

    the mobile division has bet its future on Android

    Ha ha, what future would that be then? Third OS lucky.

    Mine's a thief returning a RAZR

  2. Danny

    Andrioid is fatally flawed

    The main problem with developing for andriod is the lockdown of internal storage. Since you cannot have applications residing outside internal storage the usefulness of the system will be limited to the size of internal storage. G1 users are now finding that 70Mb is fairly crap to install applications on and that 8Gb card plugged into the side is good for music and video only.

    This is due to propriety security on "downloaded applications" from the app store.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    And this is what is wrong with Motorola

    They try to reinvent the wheel every time, and end up doing it badly...

    Honestly, the only people that buy Motorola phones are brainwashed Americans that think it's helping their economy.

    Thinking about it, Xbox is pretty much in the same boat, inferior tech but bought by brainwashed Americans...

  4. Anonymous Coward


    "But the benefits of using an open OS are less obvious in the set-top world, and Motorola's platform is already Linux-based, so reaping many of the advantages of Open Source."

    A bit contradictory - Linux is Open Source, the fact that Motorola have done this means they do see some advantages.

    Who wants to give VxWorks $1 a box when you can use Andriod or Linux for free. With Andriod, there may me some nice 3rd party apps to deploy for free...

    Motorola are in free fall - Andriod on cellphones will be make or break for them. I still have my StarTac, that's when they innovated !

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