back to article World's first waterproof, solar phone unveiled

Whether the market’s been crying out for phone that's waterproof and solar-powered or not, wacky Japanese phone firm KDDI and Sharp have put their heads together to create one. KDDI_solar_waterproof World's first waterproof and solar-powered phone Hailed as a world’s first, the waterproof talker will let you safely hold …


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  1. Midas
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    What a great idea!

    Now if they could revamp the design with less chrome and keep it under 100 EUR they could have the netbook analogue killer handset...

  2. Stewart Wood
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    A Phone that's immune to toilets

    This will make mobile insurance company's happy esp since a lot of mobiles end up falling off into the loo or being left outside in the rain at lest this phone will work afterwards

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