back to article DHS hunts for white-hat hackers

The Department of Homeland Security is looking to recruit white-hat hackers to help defend the US's critical internet infrastructure. An ad by General Dynamics Information Technology on behalf of of the DHS seeks applicants who can "think like the bad guy", understand hacking tools and tactics, analyse net traffic and identify …


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  1. Carl ALmond

    Good try but as usual we don't get it...

    As usual the US government is demonstrating their absolute lack of understanding of cyber security and the people who practice it. No one worth their bits is going to apply for a government position and if someone accidentally did the politics will drive them away. The type of person they really need is a security consultant that understand building secure systems across all the layers, has documented experience building and assessing such systems, and can actually communicate security topics to large audiences. This range of skills is very scarce and might exist in a 1000 people is the world.

    Of course that type of skill set demands a large salary and lots of flexibility on the part of the employer and so is very unlikly to ever end up at the government.

  2. Christoph
    Black Helicopters

    You would have to be *really* stupid to apply for this

    So you apply to the DHS and tell them all about your hacking skills and ability to "think like the bad guy".

    Some applicants get hired.

    All the applicants get put on a watch list for the rest of their lives.

  3. NoCo37


    Stan Smith works for the CIA not DHS.

  4. scotchbonnet

    One Wonders...

    ...if they'd take on any of those 'right-wing extremists' they've just got done reviling - especially anyone from the military.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    isnt that just Pen(etration) testers?

  6. Osiris


    What about Gary?

    Flame on little people.

  7. Hans Gruber

    Regarding Stan from 'American Dad'

    Stan worked for the 'CIA;...and NOT 'DHS'.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And how do we, exactly apply for this position

    Sooo, sounds good to me.

    I am wondering, how and where can one such as myself apply for such a position and or training? I see your running an apache server. I have gone through the available employment on the DHS website. I have found nothing in reference to this so that I mght apply directly.

    Information on this would be highly appreciated!

    Further more. Has DHS considered that the people its looking for do not exactly fall into the squeeky clean background check area? I personaly kinda fall into the squeeky clean background check but a little leway would be due to find the individuals with the drive and previouse knowledge of the mental state and over all disposition of the black hats.

    I await a responce to this comment.

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